2nd Cavalry Regiment returns to Vilseck

Capt. Riley Redus greets his daughter. Sierra, while holding his newborn son, Caleb John, for the first time after returning from a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Monday, April 7, 2014.

The bulk of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment returned home to Vilseck, Germany, on Monday after what will be the final deployment in Afghanistan for most of the soldiers.

During their nine-month tour in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province, the Dragoons were separated into different security advisement teams that worked with Afghan National Army troops and local Afghan police to secure Saturday’s presidential election.

Regiment commander Col. Douglas Sims said the success of that election — in which an estimated 7 million votes were cast across the country — was a testament to the impact his soldiers had on Afghanistan’s future.

“There wasn’t a single incident at a polling site in any of the Afghan polling sites in southern Afghanistan,” he said in a statement. “And then unprecedented voting, an incredible turnout in the south.”

Sims cited the work of the Americans and Afghan’s in the months leading up to the election as one reason why there was relatively little violence in the region where the regiment provided guidance.

“It’s not often a battalion, squadron or regiment gets a chance to see the fruits of its labor,” he said. “But at the end of this nine months, we were able to see exactly that, with the Afghan elections on Saturday. Really the culmination of a tremendous deployment.”



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