The sweetest: A daughter’s poem

A deployed father wrote to me to share a poem written by his daughter. I thought the words of both father and daughter were worth passing along:

Hello my name is SFC Thigpen, and I am currently on my third tour downrange. I wanted to submit a poem that was written by my now 17-year-old daughter. (Her birthday was 11 Feb.)

I always read wonderful letters and poems of support from spouses, but wanted to submit one from my teenager’s point of view.

My daughter has been a wonderful inspiration and motivator for me during my deployments. I gained full custody of my daughter years ago and since that time she has supported me in my deployments to the border, New Orleans for disaster relief and three tours downrange.

I am submitting this poem mostly because, like all fathers, I am so proud of my wonderful daughter, Candace Thigpen. She makes getting up each day a blessing, and her words truly touched me.

I have always known that she misses me during my absence, but like a lot of teens she never really poured her feelings out. She would simply say, “I love you Daddy, and I miss you.” She never really sat down and told me how she felt while I was gone, even though I would try to reassure her as well as talk with her.

As a combat engineer platoon sergeant I have witnessed many things and dealt with a lot of suffering, so I consider myself somewhat emotionally well balanced, LOL. When I read this poem I must admit that I fought the best I could, but a tear or two managed to fight past the old perimeter defenses and I swelled with more pride than you could ever imagine.

Enjoy the poem as it was sent to my AKO. Thank you for the support:

“Can’t wait til u get home daddy!! Here is the poem I wrote for you (it’s a tad bit sad) but, yea, I love you!!!”

Letters To my Daddy
by Candi Thigpen

I send my daddy letters,

I send one everyday.

It has been 194 days

Since he went away

I send letters to my daddy

In packages to his base.

I send a box filled with love,

I send it to his place.

My daddy sends me letters

He seals them with kisses,

He says he can’t wait to come home

To the daughter that he misses.

I send my daddy letters

I ask about the war,

He gets sad when he can’t answer

What he is doing or anything more.

My daddy sends me letters

Saying that he laments

Leaving me here all alone

In every letter sent.

I send my daddy letters

To fill that space inside.

I’ve held his letters close to me

Every time I’ve cried.

I send my daddy letters

I pretend that he is right here.

I keep his letters next to me

Because it feels like he is near.

I send my daddy letters

I see the date and grin,

There’s only 209 days

Till I see my daddy again.

“i hope u like it!!”

I think he loved it.

Terri Barnes is a military wife and mother of three. She lives and writes in Germany. Write to her at spousecalls@stripes.com and see the Spouse Calls blog at: http://blogs.stripes.com/blogs/spousecalls.

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