Off-base events

Autumn leaves in bloom at Nakashiba areas of Mount Naeba, 7,037 feet above the sea level, Niigata prefecture, Japan.

Events are as accurate as possible at press time. Since times or event schedules can change, please verify events before attending.


SAGA INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA 2014 (Saga prefecture): Oct. 30-Nov. 3; largest balloon event in Asia with 115 balloons from around the world; JR Nagasaki Honsen Balloon Saga Station; 0952-29-9000; www.sibf.jp/e.

TOKYO RAMEN SHOW 2014: Oct. 30-Nov. 3, 10 a.m.-9 p.m., until 6 p.m. Nov. 3; Japanese noodle dish shops from around Japan serve from 40 booths at Komazawa Park, 12-minute walk from Komazawa University Station on Tokyu Deien Toshi Line; 03-3490-3810.

27TH TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Through Oct. 31; 14 films selected from 1,373 entries among 92 nations compete in the main section. Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks are special guests; Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills, Cinemart Roppongi and other movie theaters; 1,000-1,300-1,500-2,000 yen; 0570-007-506; http://2014.tiff-jp.net.

TOSHOGU SHRINE, FUTAHARA SHRINE, NIKKOZAN RINO TEMPLE NIGHT ILLUMINATION (Tochigi prefecture): Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 6-9 p.m.; illumination focusing on a five-story pagoda; 0288-50-1171; www.nikko-jp.org/pamphlets/pdf/nikkokanko_us.pdf.

DAIDOGEI WORLD CUP 2014 (Shizuoka prefecture): Oct. 31-Nov. 3; 92 street performers at Sunpu Koen and Shizuoka’s shopping districts; Shizuoka city, JR Shizuoka Station, one-hour Shinkansen ride from Tokyo; 1,100-1,600-2,100 yen; 054-205-9840; www.daidogei.com/english.

GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2014 (Tokyo): Oct. 31-Nov. 4, 11 a.m.-8 p.m., until 6 p.m. Nov. 4; 100 Good Design awarded items displayed; 1,000 yen; Tokyo Midtown; Roppongi Station on Oedo-Line or a three-minute walk from Nogizaka Station on Chiyoda-Line or a 10-minute walk from Roppongi Station on Nanboku-Line; 03-6743-3776; www.g-mark.org.

YOKOSUKA OCEAN WALK (Kanagawa prefecture): Nov. 1, 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m.; 19 km walk, starting from Zushi Ocean Beach, followed by 14 km walk starting at Chojagasaki parking lot and 7 km walk starting at Sajimanohama Koen, along on Miura Peninsula; 045-227-0095.


AUTUMN BONSAI AND WILD GRASS EXHIBITION (Kanagawa prefecture): Nov. 1 & 2, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., until 3 p.m. on Sun.; featuring autumn bonsai (dwarf potted tree) along with local wild grass on display and on sale at Oppama Community Center, 12-minute walk from Oppama Station on Keikyu Line; 046-965-5404.

DREAM YOSAKOI FESTIVAL (Tokyo): Nov. 1, noon-9 p.m. & Nov. 2, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; more than 6,000 people are expected to attend this festival, in which processions of 80 groups of dancers in colorful costumes parade through Odaiba areas; Daiba Station on Yurikamome (monorail); 03-5796-2550; www.dreamyosacoy.jp/english.

OKUTAMA FUREAI FESTIVAL (Tokyo): Nov. 1 & 2; local products on sale and local traditional entertainments scheduled; Okutama Sogo Undojo, 940 Hikawa, Okutama-cho; 0428-83-2295.

MASHIKO AUTUMN POTTERY FAIR (Tochigi prefecture): Nov. 1-4; 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; about 500 shops sell Mashiko wares; Mashiko-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi prefecture, take Moka Line to Mashiko Station, 63 miles north of Tokyo; 0285-701120; blog.mashiko-kankou.org.

MUSICAL “CHICAGO” (Tokyo): Nov. 1-9 & Dec. 10-19; commemorating 100th anniversary of funding Takarazuka, musical group performed by women; Tokyo International Forum, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, one-minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station; 5,000-9,000-13,000 yen; Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799.

BUNKYO CHRYSANTHEMUM FESTIVAL (Tokyo): Nov. 1-23, 6 a.m.-sunset; 2,000 chrysanthemums in the precincts of Yushima Tenjin Shrine; free; Yushima Station on Chiyoda Line; 03-3836-0753.

FUJI KAWAGUCHIKO AUTUMN LEAVES FESTIVAL (Yamanashi prefecture): Nov. 1-24, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; see maple leaves in autumn red along Fuji Kawaguchikohan Maple Corridor (Kawaguchiko Art Museum street), local products and crafts on sale, also and illumination on Maple Corridor until 10 p.m. at Nashigawa (north side of lake); 0555-72-3168; tinyurl.com/p3f3ygr.

MOUNT TSUKUBA MAPLE TREE FESTIVAL (Ibaraki prefecture): Nov. 1-30; hike, events including taiko (Japanese drums) performance, making and tasting rice cake, open-air tea ceremony and more at Mount Tsukuba Cable Car Summit Station; also see illuminated mountain view from cable car, every 20 minutes 5-8 p.m. weekends; 40-minute bus ride from Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station; 1,050 yen adults, 530 yen children until 5 p.m., 1,000 yen adults, free children after 5 p.m.; 029-869-8333.

MOUNT TAKAO MAPLE TREE FESTIVAL (Tokyo): Nov. 1-30; hike and view maple trees turning into autumn red, along with events such as new sake tasting, local crafts and more at Takao Forest Center, Kiyotaki Station on cable car; JR Takao Station or Takaosanguchi Station on Keio Line; 042-643-3115.

THE WORLD OF TIM BURTON (Tokyo): Nov. 1-Jan. 4, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily, until 11 p.m. weekends; featuring Tim Burton’s 500 artworks: oil paintings, sketches, videos and more; Mori Art Museum; Roppongi Station on Hibiya Line or four-minute walk from Roppongi Station on Oedo Line; 1,800 adults, 1,300 yen student, 800 yen senior junior student; 03-5777-8600; www.tim-burton.jp.

TOKYO BIG SIX BASEBALL LEAGUE: Through Nov. 2; Jingu Stadium, six-minute walk from JR Suidobashi Station; 1,300 yen for infield bleachers, 800 yen for outfield bleachers; 03-3409-5610.

89TH ALL JAPAN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS (Tokyo): Nov. 2-9; Top Japanese tennis players compete at Ariake Colosseum, 10-minute walk from Ariake Station on Yurikamome (monorail); 1,000-1,500-2,000-2,500-3,500-4,500 yen adults, 500 yen students Nov. 7, 1,500-2,000-3,500-5,000-6,000 yen adults, 500 yen students Nov. 8-9, free Nov. 2-6; 03-3481-2321.

OEDO ANTIQUE FAIR (Tokyo): Nov. 2 & 16, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; in the courtyard of Tokyo International Forum, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, one-minute walk from Yurakucho Station, JR Yamanote Line; 03-5805-1093.

KANDA SECONDHAND BOOK FESTIVAL (Tokyo): Through Nov. 3; at bookstores on Jinbocho Omote-dori streets, a well-known secondhand bookstore district; one-minute walk from Jimbocho Station on Tozai-Line or five-minute walk from JR Ochanomizu Station on Sobu-Line; 03-3293-0161.

NIKKO SHIN-SOBA FESTIVAL 2014 (Tochigi prefecture): Nov. 3, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.; enjoy tasting soba (buckwheat noodles), plus a soba-eating derby and soba making at Kawamata Onsen (Hot Spring) Undo Koren, 70-minute ride from Imaichi I.C. on Nikko-Utsunomiya Express; 0288-22-1525.

HAKONE DAIMYO PROCESSION (Kanagawa prefecture): Nov. 3, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.; the procession from Hakone Yumoto Elementary School to Fujiya Hotel is a re-enactment of the Edo-period procession of daimyo warlords on their way to Edo Castle to pay their respects to the shogun; Hakone Station on Odakyu Line; 0460-85-7751.

AUTUMN ROSE FESTIVAL IN IKUTA RYOKUCHI GARDEN (Kanagawa prefecture): Through Nov. 3, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., 9 a.m. on weekends, closed Mon.; 4,000 trees and shrubs and 440 varieties of roses; free; 15-minute walk from Shukugawara Station on JR Nambu-Line; 044-978-5270.

KAGURAZAKA MACHITOBI FESTA 2014 (Tokyo): Through Nov. 3, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; events on stage of a hill and an alley, including experiencing an entertainment session in a private room with geisha girls, drawing paintings on a street, Japanese traditional entertainment of Noh and rakugo as well as modern art at Kagurazaka areas; Iidabashi Station on Yurakucho, Nanpuku and Tozai Lines; 03-6426-1728.

COSMOS GARDEN (Yokosuka): Through Nov. 3; one million cosmos flowers in bloom and 2 p.m. Oct. 26 & Nov. 3; visitors can pick the flowers; Kurihama Flower World, 1 Shinmei-cho, 15-minute walk from Kurihama Station, Keikyu and JR Yokosuka Lines; free; 046-833-8282.

SHOWA KINEN PARK COSMOS FESTIVAL (western Tokyo): Through Nov. 3, 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m., until 6 p.m. weekends in September; live concert 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at Minna-no Harappa on Oct. 4; Showa Kinen Park, 3173 Midori-cho, Tachikawa city, one-minute walk from Nishi-Tachikawa Station, JR Ome Line; 042-528-1751; www.showakinenpark.go.jp.

YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE (Kanagawa prefecture): Through Nov. 3; art exhibition with the theme “Art Fahrenheit 451: Sailing into the sea of oblivion” at Yokohama Museum of Art and Shinko Pier Exhibition, three-minute walk from Minato Mirai Station on Minato Mirai Line or 10-minute walk from JR Sakuragicho Station; 2,400 yen adults, 1,800 yen college students, 1,400 yen senior high school students; 045-671-2278; www.yokohamatriennale.jp.

64TH ODAWARA CASTLE CHRYSANTHEMUM FESTIVAL (Kanagawa prefecture): Nov. 3-6, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; featuring more than 700 bowls of chrysanthemum flowers at Odawara Castle main enclosure open space, opening ceremony 11 a.m. Nov. 3, along with taiko drum performance; 10-minute walk from JR Odawara Station on Tokaido Line; 0465-22-5002; www.odawara-kankou.com.e.jk.hp.transer.com.

NAGASAKI HUIS TEN BOSCH GARDENING WORLD CUP SHOW (Nagasaki prefecture): Through Nov. 4, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; 15 gardens designed by world top-ranked gardeners at this Dutch-style theme park; 0570-064-110; http://english.huistenbosch.co.jp.

AUTUMN ROSE FESTIVAL IN JINDAI BOTANICAL GARDEN (Tokyo): Through Nov. 4, closed Mon.; 100,000 trees and shrubs, and 5,100 varieties of roses grow here, and 2 p.m. concerts at Rose Garden Terrace Oct. 13, 20 & 27; 5-31-10 Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu City, bus from Mitaka Station, JR Chuo Line, or Chofu Station, Keio Line, Jindaiji Shokubutsu Koen Mae bus stop; 500 yen to enter; 0424-83-2300; www.tokyo-park.or.jp.

22ND INTERNATIONAL QUILT WEEK YOKOHAMA 2014: Nov. 6-8, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., until 5 p.m. Thu.; more than 200 quilt arts from around the world; Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Halls A B, three-minute walk from Minato-Mirai Station, Minato-Mirai Line; 1,300 yen in advance, 1,600 yen at door; 03-3816-5530; www.viq.com/english/iqw/iqwy_2013.htm.

CHIGASAKI BONSAI EXHIBITION (Kanagawa prefecture): Nov. 7, 1-5 p.m., Nov. 8, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. & Nov. 9, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; featuring bonsai (dwarf potted tree) along with local wild grass on display at Chigasaki Shimin Bunka Center, two-minute walk from JR Chigasaki Station on Tokaido Line; 0467-82-1111.

CYCLE MODE INTERNATIONAL 2014 (Chiba prefecture): Nov. 7-9, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., until 5 p.m. on Sun.; the biggest sporting bicycle exhibition in Japan, features bicycles, bicycle components, cycling accessories and apparel and outdoor, equipment by 500 brands, as well as test rides at Makuhari Messe, five-minute walk from JR Kaihin Makuhari Station on Keiyo line or a seven-minute walk from JR Kaihin Makuhari Station on Keiyo line; 1,100 yen/advance ticket, 1,300 yen/ticket, 500 yen women on Sat., free ages 17 and younger; 03-5775-5757; www.cyclemode.net/english.

HIROSAKI CASTLE AUTUMN CHRYSANTHEMUM AND MAPLE LEAF FESTIVAL (Aomori prefecture): Through Nov. 9, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; chrysanthemum in bloom and maple leaves turning in the botanical garden in Hirosaki Park, one-minute walk from a bus stop of Shiyakusho-mae Koen-mae after taking a bus at No. 6; 300 yen adults, 100 yen children; 0172-35-3131; www.hirosaki.co.jp/en.

YOKOHAMA HISTORIC CAR DAY (Kanagawa prefecture): Nov. 9, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.; featuring more than 150 mini cars produced before 1974 at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse; free; Garage Grace 045-894-6690.

HOKUSAI FROM THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON (Tokyo): Through Nov. 9, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., until 8 p.m. Fri., closed Tuesday; features selected 140 arts created by Hokusai Katsushika (1760-1849); Ueno Royal Museum, three-minute walk from JR Ueno Station; 1,500 yen adults, 1,200 yen college and senior high school students, 500 yen children; 03-5777-8600.

GRAND SUMO TOURNAMENT — KYUSHU BASHO (Fukuoka prefecture): Nov. 9-23; year-end tournament with duel between Hakuho and his rivals, Kakuryu and Harumafuji, at Kyushu Basho; 03-5608-3012; www.sumo.or.jp/eng.

TORINO ICHI (Tokyo): Nov. 10 & 22; some Shinto shrines hold a festival of the rooster, on the days of the rooster, which lasts through the night and the largest festival is at Otori Shrine in Asakusa and rakes are sold to “rake in” good fortune.

33RD JAPANTEX 2014 – INTERIOR TREND SHOW (Tokyo): Nov. 12-14, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; featuring interior fabrics and interior products by 200 dealers at Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Halls 1; 1,000 yen adults; 03-3433-4521; www.japantex.jp.

SHICHI-GO-SAN: Nov. 15 is a day of prayer for the healthy growth of young children. Shichi-go-san translates to seven, five, three. Around Japan, 3-year-old boys and girls, 5-year-old boys and 7-year-old girls visit a Shinto shrine with their parents. Most girls wear kimonos and most boys don haori jackets and hakama trousers when making their Shichi-go-san visit. One of the most popular destinations in Tokyo is Hie Shrine in Akasaka.

ASAKUSA CHRYSANTHEMUM FESTIVAL (Tokyo): Through Nov. 15; Asakusa Sensoji Temple, five-minute walk from Asakusa Station on Ginza-Line; free; 03-3844-1221.

AUTUMN ROSE FESTIVAL AT KEISEI ROSE GARDEN (Chiba prefecture): Through Nov. 16, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., open at 8 a.m. on Oct. 25, 26, Nov. 1, 2, 3, 8 & 9; varieties of attractions such as rose garden tour, flower arrangement by the artists, live concerts and more; Keisei Rose Garden; 1,000 yen adults, 700 yen seniors, 400 yen junior high school students, 200 yen children; 15-minute walk from Yachiyo Midorigaoka Station on Toyo Rapid Railway; 047-459-0106.

TAKAHATA FUDOSON CHRYSANTHEMUM FESTIVAL (Tokyo): Through Nov. 17, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; 1,500 chrysanthemum in the precincts of Takahata Fudoson, five-minute walk from Takahata Fudoson Station on Keio-Line, 30-minute ride from Shinjuku Station; free; 042-591-0032.

SANKEIEN GARDEN – CHRYSANTHEMUM REDISCOVERY (Kanagawa prefecture): Through Nov. 23, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., daily; chrysanthemum and dwarf potted chrysanthemum on display; 10-minute bus ride from JR Negishi Station; 500 yen adults, 300 yen seniors, 200 yen children; www.sankeien.or.jp/pdf/guidemap_english.pdf; 045-621-0634/5.

KUNISADA UTAGAWA: 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS DEATH (Tokyo): Through Nov. 24, 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; ukiyo-e of his work on display; Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art, five-minute walk from JR Harajuku Station; 1,000 yen adults, 700 yen senior high school and college students, kids free; 03-3403-0880; www.ukiyoe-ota-muse.jp.

KASAMA INARI JINJA CHRYSANTHEMUM FESTIVAL (IBARAKI prefecture): Through Nov. 24; festival, started in 1890, is Japan’s oldest; also features Kasama Inari Museum and Kasama Inari special Chrysanthemum decorated dolls exhibition; 70-minute ride from Ueno Station on Joban Line to Tomobe, then take a 10-minute ride to Kasama Station on Mito Line; 800 yen adults, 400 yen children; 0296-73-0001; www.kasama.or.jp.

KOYASAN 1200TH ANNIVERSARY TREASURES OF THE SACRED MOUNTAINS (Tokyo): Through Dec. 7, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., until 8 p.m. Fri. & Sat.; numerous temple treasures, focused on the most preeminent Buddhist artifacts, from personal articles associated with Kukai and the temple’s founding to Buddhist sculptures and paintings based in Shingon esoteric doctrine; Suntory Museum of Art of Tokyo Midtown; 1,300 yen adults, 1,000 yen college and senior high school students, kids free; Roppongi Station on Hibiya Line or Nogizaka Station on Chiyoda Line; 03-3479-8600; www.suntory.com/sma.

GALLERIA DEGLI UFFIZI (Tokyo): Through Dec. 14, 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., until 8 p.m. Fridays and Nov. 1 & 2, Dec. 5, 13 & 14; featuring 80 oil paintings by the artists Sandro Botticelli, Agnolo Bronzino and more from Galleria Degli Uffizi in Firenze, Italy, at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, seven-minute walk from JR Ueno Station; 1,600 yen adults, 1,300 yen college students, 800 yen senior high school students, ages 15 & younger free; 03-3823-6920; www.tobikan.jp/en/exhibition/h26_uffizi.html.

YATSUGADAKE SHIN-SOBA FESTIVAL 2014 (Yamanashi prefecture): Through Dec. 21; taste new soba (buckwheat noodles) at 34 restaurants near Mount Yatsugatake areas; Nagasaka and Kobuchizawa I.C. on Chuo Express; 0551-48-3457; http://yatsugatake-ga.com/sinsoba.html.

FERDINAND HODLER: TOWARDS RHYTHMIC IMAGES (Tokyo): Through Jan. 12, 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., until 8 p.m. Fri., closed Mon.; commemorating 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Switzerland and Japan, featuring Swiss artist of Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918) including 100 of his paintings; National Museum of Western Art, one-minute walk from JR Ueno station; 1,600 yen adults, 1,200 yen college students, 800 yen senior high school students; 03-5777-8600; www.nmwa.go.jp/en.

WILLEM DE KOONING EXHIBITION (Tokyo): Through Jan. 12, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., until 8 p.m. on Fridays; featuring 27 arts from Kooning (1904-1997), one of the leaders of abstract expressionism, which flourished in the U.S. after World War II; Bridgestone Museum of Art, five-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station, No. 6 Exit; 800 yen adults, 600 yen seniors, 500 yen senior high school and college students, kids free; 03-5777-8600; www.bridgestone-museum.gr.jp.


SHURI CASTLE FESTIVAL (Naha): Oct. 31-Nov. 3; a reproduction of the ceremony during the Ryukyu Dynasty era to welcome envoys and Okinawan citizens in period costume parade from the castle to Kokusai-dori Street 12:30-2:30 p.m. Nov. 2, and another traditional parade in costume marches from the castle to Ryutan Street is 12:50-3:30 p.m., Nov. 3; Shuri Castle Park, 1-2 Shuri Kinjo-cho; 098-886-2020; www.shurijo.com/english/index.html.

ISHIGAKI MATSURI 2014: Nov. 1 & 2; live performance, kids singing contest, traditional entertainment and crafts on sale at Shinei Koen, as well as a parade from Shinkawa Elementary School to Ishigaki City Hall 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and fireworks 8:40 p.m. Sun.; 098-082-1533.

TSUBOYA YACHIMUN STREET FESTIVAL: Nov. 1 & 2, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; live performance by Okinawans, traditional events and more at Yachimun Street, famous for Tsuboya pottery shops near Kokusai Street of Naha; 098-866-6661.

2015 MISS OKINAWA BEAUTY CONTEST: Nov. 2, 2:30 p.m.; Okinawa Convention Center; free; 098-859-6126; www.oki-conven.jp/en.

19TH OKINAWA WOODY FAIR: Nov. 6-9, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; wooden furniture, accessories and toys produced on Okinawa on sale at Plaza House, shopping Center Fair Mall 1F, 2F & 3F; 098-877-8588.

TOUR DE OKINAWA BICYCLE RACE 2014: Nov. 8 & 9; events and races for more than 4,400 participants including men’s championship race (210 km), eight cycling events and 13 road races for citizens; NPO Tour de Okinawa Office 0980-54-3174; http://tour-de-okinawa.jp/english.

102ND AUTUMN ALL OKINAWA ISLANDS BULLFIGHTING: Nov. 9, noon; Okinawa bullfighting (bull vs. bull) is particularly popular in central Okinawa and event also features eisa dance; Ishikawa Multi-purpose Dome, Uruma city, 70-minute drive from Naha Airport; 3,000 yen; 098-965-4441.

THE 34TH TSUBOYA POTTERY FESTIVAL: Nov. 21-24, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Tsuboya pottery masters exhibit their finest works, including jars to other goods, sold for 20-30 percent off the market price. Visit booths, including a pottery square, where people can make shisa (lion dog) masks and use the pottery wheel; Naha Tsuboya Elementary School; 098-866-3284.

South Korea

ASIA SONG FESTIVAL (Busan): Nov. 2, 6 p.m.; at Busan Asiad Main Stadium; 5,000 won; +82-2-1330; asiasongfestival.com.

IKSAN TEN MILLION CHRYSANTHEMUM FESTIVAL (North Jeolla province): Through Nov. 2; features outdoor chrysanthemum exhibition, chrysanthemum artwork contest, and more at Iksan Jungang Sports Complex; +82-2-1330; http://gukhwa.iksan.go.kr.

MASON GAGOPA CHRYSANTHEMUM FESTIVAL: Through Nov. 2; exhibitions, culture programs, food tasting, live performance and more; Masonhang Port, Wharf 1; take an express bus to Mason Express Bus Terminal, then take Bus 703 and get off at Jeil Girls’ High School; +82-2-1330.

JEJU OLLE WALKING FESTIVAL: Nov. 6-8; walk along the scenic roads of Jeju Island, the most popular vacation destination in Korea; 20,000 won; +82-2-1330; www.ollewalking.co.kr.

CHEONGSONG APPLE FESTIVAL (North Gyeongsang province): Nov. 7-10; to promote the excellent quality of apples grown in Cheongsong; +82-2-1330; www.invil.org/english.

SEOUL LANTERN FESTIVAL (Seoul): Nov. 7-23; hundreds of lanterns, with a unique design and story, floated on Cheonggyecheon Stream, three-minute walk from Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 4 or 5; www.visitseoul.net; +82-2-1330.

HAMPYEONG GRAND CHRYSANTHEMUM FESTIVAL (South Jeolla province): Through Nov. 9; attractions at Hampyeong Expo Park; take a bus to Hampyeong Bus Terminal from Seoul Central City Terminal, then walk about 10 minute to the festival site; +82-2-1330.

SUNCHANG FERMENTED SOYBEAN FESTIVAL (North Jeolla province): Oct. 30-Nov. 2; hot sauce cooking competition, making soybean malt & hot sauce rice cakes, folk art festival, traditional tofu-making and more; Sunchang Traditional Red Pepper Paste Folk Village; take an intercity bus to Sunchang from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal; +82-2-1330; http://tinyurl.com/m2lxqlu.

JEONGEUP NATIONAL BULLFIGHTING FESTIVAL (North Jeolla province): Oct. 30-Nov. 3; Korean bullfighting is two bulls fighting each other, and more; Naejangsan National Park; take a bus to Jeongeup from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal; +82-2-1330; culture.jeongeup.go.kr.

MUSICAL, “CAVALIA” (Seoul): Nov. 5-16, Big Top Theater in Jamsil Sports Complex, 50,000-250,000 won.

FRANKENSTEIN, THE MUSICAL (Seoul): Through Nov. 9; Seoul Arts Center, Towol Theater, 30,000-60,0000 won; http://tinyurl.com/3e6rwhe.

JUMP (Seoul): Through Dec. 31; comic martial arts performance, including Korea’s Taekwondo and Taekkyeon; Kyunghyang Art Hill; 40,000-60,000 won ages 4+; +82-2-1330.

THE MUSICAL “THE CROWN PRINCE RUDOLF” (Seoul): Through Jan. 4; D Club Art Center; 60,000-80,000-110,000-130,000 won; http://tinyurl.com/3e6rwhe.

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