‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD’: Reboot fails at originality

As the name of “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD” suggests, the content of this game is quite, well, bizarre.

The game is a straight HD remake of the original “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” by Capcom. Fans of the original — which was based on a Japanese manga series about a family with mystical martial arts powers — will find pretty much the same game and will likely enjoy this one. It will be a hard sell to people without that nostalgia factor.

This is very much a classic Capcom fighting game. Basic controls and button-mashing will get you through. And being just a remake, there are limited combos you can do. But, anyone who has a love for retro fighting games will come to this one.

Unfortunately, there’s not much in this game to surprise players. There are secrets you can find and fun levels to play through if you meet certain criteria, even different modes to play — for instance, a side scrolling level. As fighting games go, it’s fun, but nothing that can’t be done comfortably lying down on your couch.

There is one thing about this game that adds some interest. As you fight, you can summon something called a “Stand.” This is where the big strategic element of the game comes in that sets it apart from other fighting games. Each character has a unique Stand mode in which another creature is summoned to fight with you. Some characters have active Stands and some are passive. All of them increase attack and defense and they open you up to additional abilities for combos and the like. The trade-off here is that you have a Stand gauge and, as your Stand takes damage, the gauge is depleted and you also take damage. If the Stand gauge falls to zero, you become paralyzed for a short time and are open to attack.

Bottom line: With the Stand mode being the only thing that’s at all dazzling about this game, “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD” is destined to become just a game I used to know.

Platform: PlayStation 3

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