GoldenEye 007: Reloaded


Publisher: Activision
Genre: Action
ESRB: Teen

If you are looking for covert ops using stealth tactics, “GoldenEye” answers your call. In this game you play as James Bond (played by Daniel Craig). Just like in the films, you are covertly moving around the Russian bases and hideouts using hand-to-hand combat to subdue and take out your enemies. Your main objective (what else?) is to collect intelligence. The storyline is similar to the majority of 007 movies: Collect intel on the Russians and prevent them from launching an attack on any countries.

The single-player mode in the game incorporates use of a hi-tech EMF resistant cell phone to hack into computers and other electronic devices that impede your quest and also assists in secondary objectives. You have numerous types of weaponry that can be found by taking from enemies or ammo boxes lying around and you are able to carry up to three types of firearms. The basics of stealth in this game compared to other titles such as “Splinter Cell” or “Metal Gear Solid” are much easier. Just crouch and creep, that’s all that is required. Firing your silenced weapon will give away your position, unless you fire from a great distance and the hit is a kill. You will spend ammo quickly so keep an eye on your rounds; your enemies do take a quite a lot of bullets to take down.

There are other game features such as “M6,” which is similar to “Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops” with numerous different maps and settings. In “GoldenEye 007: Reloaded” you collect mission stars as you complete each objective.

The multiplayer mode has abundant game types (triple that of “MW3”). Although there isn’t much of a player base because this game is not as popular as the mainstream shooters, it does provide for some fun gun-and-run tactics.

The graphics are very clean but not as detailed as other titles. The lighting is decent and suffices for the game. People are rendered kind of block-style, with little detail.

The game is a great reiteration of the movie and James Bond fans will love playing. If covert is your thing, try this title: it may surprise you. I give “GoldenEye 007: Reloaded” an eight on a 10 point scale.

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