Dead Rising 2


“Dead Rising 2” by Capcom is a zombie survival game. In single-player campaign mode, you control Chuck Greene, a former Motocross champion who lost his wife in an earlier Zombie Outbreak. His daughter survived the attack but was bitten, and so needs a daily supply of an expensive drug called Zombrex to keep from turning into a zombie. To afford Zombrex, Chuck participates in a reality show that pits contestants against hordes of captured zombies to see who can kill the most of them in a given amount of time.

Your first gameplay occurs in such a contest, and how you do relative to the other contestants affects how much money and prestige points you start the game with. Additionally, the cut scenes are different, based on your performance. Following the arena mission, you find yourself swept up in a zombie outbreak.

After battling to get your daughter to the safe house and procuring an initial dose of Zombrex for her, the real challenge begins. She will need another dose within 24 hours of game time. If you miss the dose window, you lose the game. Additionally, you have been framed as a terrorist responsible for the outbreak, and have only three days to find out what really happened before the military shows up. You must be mindful of the clock at all times.

Weapons in “Dead Rising 2” are fleeting; you have to grab whatever is close at hand. Fire axes, sledge hammers, guitars, cash registers, trash cans… innumerable weapons are available (and can later be modified to create custom weapons). Beware! Weapons have a finite life span, and you can only hold four items at a time at the beginning of a game. If you aren’t careful, you can find yourself surrounded by a horde of zombies and empty handed.

Gameplay is difficult at early levels; you are only given three save game slots and can only use them at designated locations. To improve your score, it is possible to restart the storyline of the game, yet keep your level, cash, and equipment. That way you can replay earlier sequences and achieve optional objectives you wouldn’t have been able to complete with a less powerful character. While I prefer not having to repeat the storyline so often, it does increase replay value. Overall “Dead Rising 2” is recommended.

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