Dead Island


“Dead Island” is a first person melee survival game located on an island resort. You take on the role of one of four characters to survive the island. The game can be played offline in s single player mode or online where you team up with others who are at the same point in the story as you are.


The game is broken up into large open zones where you complete missions to advance the main storyline. You will find side quests along the way that you can complete to gain extra money, experience, weapons, or weapon modifications. You gain experience from quests, killing enemies, and completing achievements, which you use to level up your character. After each level up you choose a skill on your skill tree. Weapons in the game range from about anything you can wield in your hand, to guns. Most of the weapons can be upgraded and modified to deal more damage. Ammo is limited and is generally only acquired from enemies who are also using a gun. Progressing in the game is all about learning how to pick your battles and using the environment to your advantage. Anything you can jump on top of could save your life.


Graphically, “Dead Island” looks great, from serene beach views to city streets that have been overrun with zombies are featured in the game. The controls in the game take a little getting used to but once you get the hang of them you will be beating zombies to death with ease. The sound in the game is what really has stuck in my mind. You learn to pick up on the faintest noises that hint at doom coming your way, and to revel in the joyful sounds of zombies being beaten to death with blunt objects.


“Dead Island” will keep you occupied for a few weeks if you choose to explore the vast areas and complete as many side quests as you can.


It also has good replay value as each different character has a different play style type. If you are into first person melee survival, large open areas, and a game that has RPG elements, then pick up this game. Also, worth noting, “Dead Island” has a mature rating that it earned.


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