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Last year was mostly a shooter, RPG or a racing game

Apparently many of our readers had quite a 2011: a first-person shooter, to be more precise.

In last December’s “Big Game Giveaway,” Stripes GAMER asked, “What type of video game did last year most resemble?” A full third of those who entered declared it an FPS. They went on to explain why—and often included what character they played and the system they use most.



Last Year Felt Like A Shooter

I'm a retired soldier. I like war games.

Juan Rocha, Kandahar, Afghanistan, Xbox 360


I started playing first person shooter games with my husband before he got deployed, I continued playing because it made me feel close to him in some odd way. I played "Black Ops" and I don't believe there was a "character".

Rebecca Butler, USA, PS3


It is so much easier to fire in a game than it is to pull the trigger against a life.

Chris Richards, Kuwait, Wii


I have had to do things my own way, but under the thumb of "the law." I get done what needs done... Kind of like John Marston in "Red Dead Redemption;" we all have a debt to pay... To somebody.

Kelly Allen, USA, Xbox 360


I am a soldier in the Army and I love first person shooter games. it resembles me because as a soldier I have to keep my hand and eye coordination always at the ready, so by playing first person shooters it helps me a lot.

Enrique Figueroa, Korea, Xbox 360


I'm getting used to being destroyed by a bunch of first graders on a daily basis in "Modern Warfare 3"— and I'm a soldier, which is the ironic thing!!

Adam Truong, USA, Xbox 360


Running, ducking, seeking cover only to constantly get owned by a bunch of kids.

John Williams, Stuttgart, Germany, Xbox 360


When you don't get PID and can't shoot the guys trying to kill you, being able to shoot someone, even if it’s just a game, gives you a little release.

Aaron Meier, Afghanistan, Xbox 360


Work, work, work…

Jeff Burchfield, Patch, Germany, PS3


First-person shooter: Because it makes me remember what I am, a soldier. FPS game gives you the chance to experience how it would actually be to be the one in control of that weapon. Also, you have to be aware of your surrroundings and what better than a first-person shooter game?

Jean Colon, Bamberg, Germany, Xbox 360


First-person shooter: The role and the fast action, which leads me to react for my children, which are all military brats.

Joe Urtado, USA, Wii


2011 Was A Total RPG

At least a quarter of our participants thought last year more closely resembled a role-playing game. But then, you could argue that acting like an adult is also an RPG for a lot of people we could name. There were several “Sims” comparisons worthy of note (and a laugh). Following are some interesting reasons for choosing that particular genre.


By killing all the bad things in "Diablo 2" I'm ready to kill the bad things in "Diablo 3" (whenever it comes out).

Robert Reed, Naples, Italy, Wii


Been stationed at West Point, Fort Lee and Afghanistan this year... every couple of months a new role-playing adventure.

John Billie, Afghanistan, PS3


Through different roles as a MSG, 1SG, husband and father of a second son, I felt like I always had to re-roll a new character, as each one I needed a different set of stats to succeed, usually carrying more gear than I needed and praying for a walkthrough.

William Hudon, Korea, Xbox 360


We moved back to the States after six years in Japan and I was playing the role as mom, house fixer, and everything else. This game is over a year old and I still have not beat it! I think I have unlimited lives though… Which is good, I think???

Sonia Bryant, USA, Nintendo DS


My past year was spent deployed. So my last year has all the things an RPG needs: a crisis to send someone long distances from home, attaining new positions or levels, the calm happy moment, and the climatic ending.

Matthew Jenkins, Afghanistan, Xbox 360


My last year was an RPG. In the adventure I played a paladin. My questing started when my diety explained to me that I had mis-interpreted his words and was falling from grace. My quest-journey to lands afar to find the true meaning of virtue and love.

Brian Tjarks, USA, Xbox 360


I have been on deployment with the USS Bataan for most of [2011]. In many ways, this is like a role playing game. You assume a role in a community oriented towards a goal. You have to train yourself to improve your skills and interact with others.

Jason Guidry, USS Bataan, Xbox 360


Role-playing is exactly what I have been doing, between being an Airman working at the Wing level at a high tempo fighter wing, student, husband, father of a moody pre-teen girl and my 9-month-old baby boy. Battling obstacles in the land of Skyrim!

Chris Hall, RAF Lakenheath, UK, Xbox 360


From deployment training to the actual deployment, to the change up with the draw down, it has been a roller coaster ride. Some days, you couldn't make this stuff up. It is like a real-life version of "The Sims Kuwait."

Stephen Spillman, Kuwait, Xbox 360


Military, father, pet owner—that is a role playing game as real as it gets! Not like a game with extra lives on the next screen, though it would be nice!

Farron Larsen, USA, PS3


Sometimes I feel like a "Sims" character walking around the base. Exploring every part of it, looking for stuff to build things and better my living conditions in my room. Every day I seem to receive new items which create a better living environment.

John Swonger, Afghanistan, PS3


So many roles I already play... Why not one more??

Harry Herndon, Ramstein AB, Germany, Nintendo DS


It would have to be a role player with the Army life and deployments. I like to get into games like "Elder Scrolls" to help pass the time when I'm not home and get me away from the stress of being deployed.

Terrence Stoneking, Afghanistan, PS3


I was so big into super-hero games this year I felt like I was one. I truly wish I could zap some people like "InFamous" :)

Kenneth Jones, Grafenwoehr, Germany, PS3


I am the character from "Fallout 3," using my arsenal that I have picked up along the way in a strange new land taking out new missions as they pass. This area is the new major MTF where I am stationed. My arsenal is the knowledge I gain in the medical field

Devin Carter, USA, Xbox 360


Racing Was the Name of the Game

About one-fifth of our “Big Game Giveaway” participants thought 2011 was more of a racing game, which seemed to have more to do with going in circles than gaining speed!


Running in a huge circular track, passing some, being passed by others, getting to the finish line only to realize it is where I started......

Steven Schneider, Grafenwoehr, Germany, PS3


This has been a busy year. One event after another. Transfer to Japan with my five dependents, Operation Tomodachi, extensive yard period onboard USS Shiloh, and getting settled here in Japan. It has been a fast-paced year. It just seemed to race by.

Ron Riffle, Yokosuka, Japan, Xbox 360


My wife and I have been married for 35 years and we still chase each other just the way we did when we were first married. She supported me for my entire military carreer and never complained.

Richard Metz, Thumrait, Oman, Xbox 360


I chase my children around the tracks. Like I'm chasing them to do their chores. I'm Yoshi, going as fast as I can to catch them.

Debra Nygren, Landstuhl, Germany, Xbox 360


My year was full of many twists and turns that were almost too sharp to navigate. But of course, this race never ends. Well, it ends eventually but... you get what I mean.

Mario Alcala, SW Asia, Xbox 360


Luigi struggled to shake off his NASCAR upbringings but could not conquer the Formula-1 skills of Mario.

Randy Green, RAF Lakenheath, UK, Wii


It's been a race to the finish, but no matter what I do, there's always a curveball around every corner...

Kristie Hanley, Camp Humphreys, Korea, Wii


I spent the better part of the past year racing around to keep up with a 2-year old who always seemed to be in the lead.

Barbara Wirth, USA, PS3



This past year has been sprint for the finish line like "Mario Kart," but we've dodged the obstacles and are almost to the finish line!

Steven Rauchbach, Kuwait, Wii


Adventure of the Third-Person Kind

For 12% of those participating, last year was an adventure of some sort—especially for those stationed in Japan when the earthquake and tsunami hit on March 13.


I lived life on a predestined course while my husband was deployed. Waiting for him to return was like not knowing what I'm supposed to do next in the game. You just wander around and try to figure it out.

Melissa Hintz, Vicenza, Italy, PS3


Working in my office every day is just like I am in a third person action game... If only it was a game!

Don Maute, USA, Wii


Like Link in "Zelda" I find adventure in wandering in the forest in my German rural village.

Tony Bozzi, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, PS3


From surviving and assisting with Search & Rescue operations after the 9.0 Tohuku Earthquake/Tsunami, climbing Mt.Fuji, white water rafting in Alaska, to helping out SERE specialists at Artic Survival School— I felt like Drake from the “Uncharted” series!

Willie Bivins, Misawa AB, Japan, Xbox 360


After the shooting, role-playing and racing stopped, the remaining responses indicate last year was a party:


I'm the drummer in "Rock Band"! My life is a balance of perfect timing combined with a noisy party atmosphere with friends and family every weekend! One hit after another!

Mimsel Riley, Ramstein, Germany, Xbox 360


The dancers in "Dance Dance Revolution." My wife and I love to compete against each other. Fun and a great way to exercise. We have been married for 28 years and this is a great way to spend time together.

Rob Rood, Ramstein AB, Germany, Xbox 360


I resemble Mario in "Mario Party" because in life I play mini games and face challenges every day. which I turn into fun. Also, I eat a lot of candy :o)

Vera Bozzi, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, PS3


Last but not least we heard just one solitary vote for “2011 resembled a platformer”—and we are prepared to take him at his word:


I play "Madden" like I'm really there. It's so serious I'll crush anybody in my path.

Marcus Odom, SW Asia, PS3

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