Introducing VetNet

Google to create job search community for veterans

WASHINGTON - With high unemployment among veterans and a million servicemembers expected to leave the military in the next five years, efforts abound to help them make the transition to civilian life. So many efforts, in fact, it’s a muddy mess of resources. 

Cue Google. 

It’s official: 17 veterans from recent wars in Congress next year

WASHINGTON – A total of 17 Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans will serve in Congress next session, now that Rep. Allen West has conceded his congressional race in Florida.

West, an Iraq War veteran and vocal Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, was the last Iraq veteran in a contested congressional race. Multiple recounts in recent days showed him narrowly losing to Democrat Patrick Murphy, and overnight Monday he called the challenger to concede the race.

Army video tackles common veterans hiring myths

WASHINGTON – Officials from Army Warrior Transition Command unveiled a new video to debunk the three most common myths about veterans in the civilian workplace, part of an effort aimed at hiring managers to ease the transition for troops into post-military careers.

The 10-minute video, produced following research by the Society of Human Resource Management, blames fears about post-traumatic stress disorder, confusion over military skills and concerns about the cost of workplace accommodations as the major obstacles for veterans hiring.

Veterans unemployment drops to lowest rate in four years

WASHINGTON – Bureau of Labor Statistics researchers announced that veterans unemployment dropped to 6.3 percent in October, its lowest point since before President Barack Obama took office.

The figure still means that nearly 690,000 veterans are looking for work. But that number has been on a downward trend for the last 18 months, when more than 1 million veterans were trying to find jobs.

Student veterans group disputes graduation rates

WASHINGTON – Leaders of the Student Veterans of America are crying foul at recent news reports noting that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are dropping out of school at alarming rates, calling the claim “unfounded and simply not true.”

Last week, the Huffington Post wrote that 88 percent of recent war era veterans were pulling out of college, a disheartening and disturbing statistic.