Vets group offers voters guide for veterans, military issues

WASHINGTON – The first presidential debate is set for Wednesday night, so on Tuesday officials at Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America released their checklist of candidate issues that active and former troops should be tracking closely as the November elections approach.

The online voter guide lists five “critical challenges facing this generation of veterans and the tough leadership choices required to truly support new veterans in the years ahead.” Officials said veterans and military supporters should be looking for answers to each of the topics not only from the presidential contenders but also from their state and local elected officials.

The five issues are:

  • Ensuring Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have the tools they need to succeed in the civilian workforce.
  • Ensuring every veteran has the right to the education benefits they have earned.
  • Improving mental health programs in the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs to prevent suicides among troops and veterans.
  • Modernizing the claims process at the VA so veterans have access to the benefits and resources they have earned.
  • Improving VA health care facilities and claims processes for female veterans.

"Veterans aren’t looking for handshakes and photo ops; veterans are looking for results,” the guide states.

The full voter guide, with additional questions to help refine candidates’ positions on each of those topics, is available online at the IAVA website.

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