PTSD Coach Online: VA site offers info, tools for living with condition

The VA’s National Center for PTSD has established PTSD Coach Online to help those with post-traumatic stress disorder cope with the condition.

The website offers tools for managing the symptoms of PTSD, such as sadness, anxiety and insomnia.

Some of the methods are very brief, such as ways to improve a particular mood or reduce a feeling of stress. Others are longer-term strategies for approaching difficult problems and changing patterns of thinking.

For example, one group of strategies is categorized under “Change negative thinking patterns,” which assists the user to “escape all-or-nothing thinking and other mind traps.”

The website was inspired by the PTSD Coach mobile app. According to the PTSD center’s website, the briefer tools on the online site are similar to the app.

“The main difference is that PTSD Coach Online can also help you look at ‘big picture’ issues -- like understanding your values and goals or problem solving,” the website states.

“And because PTSD Coach Online is used on a computer, rather than a mobile device, we can offer tools that involve writing.”

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