Obama to speak at Vietnam wall on Memorial Day

WASHINGTON – During the Medal of Honor ceremony for Spc. Leslie Sabo on Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced he’ll speak at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Memorial Day, as part of the Defense Department’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary of that war.

“Instead of being celebrated, our Vietnam veterans were often shunned,” Obama said. “They were called many things, when there was only one thing that they deserved to be called: American patriots.

“[The event] will be another chance for America to say to our Vietnam veterans what should have been said when you first came home: You did your job. You served with honor. You made us proud.”

Officials from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund said Obama will be the third president to speak at the annual remembrance event, following Bill Clinton in 1993 and Ronald Reagan in 1984.

For more information, visit the Vietnam War Commemoration web site.

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