Army video tackles common veterans hiring myths

WASHINGTON – Officials from Army Warrior Transition Command unveiled a new video to debunk the three most common myths about veterans in the civilian workplace, part of an effort aimed at hiring managers to ease the transition for troops into post-military careers.

The 10-minute video, produced following research by the Society of Human Resource Management, blames fears about post-traumatic stress disorder, confusion over military skills and concerns about the cost of workplace accommodations as the major obstacles for veterans hiring.

Officials argue that military skills are easily transferable to civilian jobs, if human resources officials take the time to understand veterans’ resumes. They also note that PTSD should not be seen as life-limiting obstacle because it is seen in civilian society too (primarily among car crash victims), and that most workplace accommodations for veterans cost less than $500.

“The good news is that employers want to hire vets,” said Jeff Pon, chief human resources officer at SHRM. “They recognize the value and unique skill set they have … But we’re hearing that veterans and employers are having problem connecting.”

The video is available online at the Army Warrior Transition Command website.

Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics researchers announced that veterans unemployment dropped to 6.3 percent in October, its lowest point since before President Barack Obama took office. But the unemployment rate among Iraq and Afghanistan era veterans sat significantly higher, at 10 percent.

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