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The Rumor Doctor's top 10 diagnoses of 2010

As we bid farewell to 2010, let us pause to take a look at what we learned from reading The Rumor Doctor. Here is a list of The Doctor’s Top 10 from the past year:

10. “Warrior Companions:” A bogus message going around the Internet claimed the Army had changed the term “battle buddy” to “warrior companion.” After a letter was published in Stars and Stripes about the supposed change, The Rumor Doctor set the record straight. “Our conclusion is that this appears to be fake,” said Army spokesman Gary Tallman.

Is Rumsfeld following The Doctor on Twitter?

The Rumor Doctor was looking for something to write about this week when he got this message: “Donald Rumsfeld is now following you on Twitter!”

Was this the real Donald Rumsfeld or has the former defense secretary spawned an army of impersonators, like Elvis and Jeff Bridges from “The Big Lebowski”? The Rumor Doctor had to get to the bottom of this.

Does living in Europe prevent you from giving blood to wounded troops?

Helmut R. Kiessling wants to help wounded warriors.

A retired Army colonel, Kiessling lives near Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, where he and his wife visit Marines from his son’s unit. But he is not allowed to donate blood to help wounded troops, even if it were for his son, who is serving in Afghanistan.

Were the Soviets targeting a Pentagon snack spot?

It’s no surprise that the Soviets trained their nukes at the Pentagon during the Cold War, but were they really targeting the courtyard cafe?

That’s what people continue to hear when they visit the Pentagon.

Are working dogs eligible for the Purple Heart?

Fans of The Rumor Doctor know from a story earlier this year that military working dogs are not eligible for the Medal of Honor or any other military awards. Yet once again, the media have reported that a dog whose handler was killed is a Purple Heart recipient.

Is it possible The Rumor Doctor screwed up his earlier diagnosis? If so, The Doctor vowed not to emulate Buffalo Bills' wide receiver Stevie Johnson and blame God for dropping the ball.