Fund a beer for a Navy SEAL

Thanks to a new fundraising campaign, now you too can buy a beer for the Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden.

The “Beer Money for Bin Laden Shooter” GoFundMe campaign was launched Nov. 10 by Iraq war veteran Phil Rolen, according to The Billings Gazette and campaign webpage.

Scream for camouflage ice cream on Veterans Day

Baskin-Robbins' Flavor of the Month is "First Class Camouflage".

Not to be one left out of the Veterans Day special deals and free meals many food chains are offering around the country today, Baskin-Robbins has rolled out a camo-inspired ice cream flavor this month.

"First Class Camouflage" is the "Flavor of the Month" for November and also comes with a matching Camouflage Waffle Cone to be sold in honor of U.S. Troops, military families and veterans, according to the company's press release.

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