Obama: DADT repeal in ‘weeks, not months’

WASHINGTON – Earlier this month, gay rights groups lamented Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ announcement that he would not certify the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” before leaving office. Now, President Barack Obama is signaling that those supporters won’t have to wait long for the new defense secretary to end the controversial law.

In comments at a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual pride month event at the White House last night, Obama said that “in a matter of weeks, not months, I expect to certify the change in policy –- and we will end ‘don't ask, don't tell’ once and for all.” He told supporters that said the repeal is part of a broad swath of policy changes that shows he “delivered on what I promised” during his presidential campaign.

Army, Marine Corps rated most important to defense in survey

NAPLES, Italy — In a potential nod to 10 years of land wars in two countries, a recent Gallup poll found Americans view the Army and Marine Corps as most important to national defense, followed by the Air Force and the Navy.

This differs from the pre-Iraq war years when, according to Gallup, Americans named the Air Force as the most important branch.

Obama, Pentagon plan big send-off for Gates

WASHINGTON — Few government employees get a retirement party like what’s in store for Defense Secretary Robert Gates this week.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted a farewell dinner Monday night. Gates’ staff held a dinner Tuesday night. President Barack Obama and the first lady host a dinner at the White House on Wednesday evening. And on Thursday, Gates’ last day in the Pentagon, Obama will attend the formal Armed Forces Farewell Tribute outside the Pentagon, complete with 19-gun salute.

Military recruitment and retention stay strong

NAPLES, Italy — All four active-duty military services have met or exceeded recruitment goals as of May for this fiscal year.

According to a Defense Department release, the Army recruited 44,950 new soldiers, above its 44,200 goal. The Navy recruited 20,942 people, its exact goal number, according to the release. Air Force ranks were also right on the money, with 18,444 “accessions.”

New website helps military spouses find jobs

WASHINGTON -- With unemployment among military spouses at 26 percent, the Defense Department is kicking off a new program to help spouses find jobs.

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership website allows spouses to enter their zip code and see what jobs are being offered by employers in their area who have partnered with the Defense Department specifically to hire military spouses.

Did you know today was PTSD Awareness Day?

Today is PTSD Awareness Day.

We know this because the Department of Veterans Affairs has a website devoted to the day, and because the American Federation of Government Employees issued a press release calling on the VA to hire more mental health professionals.

Marines in Afghanistan get ballistic underwear

UPDATED JUNE 24, 10:07 A.M.

WASHINGTON --More than 15,000 pairs of ballistic underwear have been issued to Marines serving in Afghanistan, according to the Marine Corps.
Made from "scientifically-tested ballistic silk," the underwear is meant to provide extra protection against roadside bombs, a 2nd Marine Division news story said. The garment is designed to stop small fragments from a blast and prevent sand and other fine particles from getting into blast wounds, staving off potentially deadly infections.
The goal is to give each Marine who regularly goes outside the wire three pairs of the special underwear and one pair each for those who stay on base.

Wanna be in a zombie film? BRAINS!!!!!

NAPLES, Italy – Are you into zombies? Dream about battling them, or being there as war is waged against the undead hordes?

If so, the makers of "World War Z," starring Brad Pitt, want you.

Hollywood talks military suicide prevention in PSA