Interact - live - with Cosby on Twitter

Do you have a question for the guy with awesome sweaters and is one of the most well-known comedians of all time?

Bill Cosby is opening up on Twitter, answering live questions you tweet his way during an event for the military Friday night.

Viewers may interact with Cosby by tweeting to @billcosby and including the hashtag #AFNCosbyTroops, according to the American Forces Network.

“Look man, in the old times, you know, you had one fella, who was known for all this, and that was Bob Hope. And after that came, you know, the entertainers and the performers going over, all the name guys and guyettes, have come over there, and this (live tweeting) is just a great way to be able to do it, without having to get on the plane and fly to all the bases and everything you know?” Cosby said during a recent interview.

The event Friday works by participants logging into their Twitter account and asking Cosby questions at the designated Twitter handle.

Cosby is former military, who had followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the U.S. Navy in 1952. Unlike his father who was in WWII, Cosby never saw battle.

“I will tell you, that the beginning of my life – in turning me around – was the morning at Bainbridge, Md., (where many sailors went to basic training between 1942 and 1976) and the first class boatswain came in and hit those lights at 0430 and started yelling and banging in a tin can … And he would come over and start bangin’ on the bunk, and I stood up – and of course I got up and – no pajamas, you’re in your skivvies – and no profanity, he said, ‘I’m not your mother.’ And that started it all.

“The man came over and saw my bed, and I thought I made it up, and he threw the blanket about 12 feet, (laughs) and the sheets was flyin’, and the pillow case, man, and you better not say anything. And you stand there, until he says, ‘Now, go get it!’

“But the good news is, he did it to about 7 or 8 other guys, man. And here’s the beauty of it all: Whatever it was they did, they were equal opportunity. You got the good, the bad and the ugly. And they kept giving me a chance to become something.”

Thanks to his scores on the aptitude test, Cosby ended up a hospital corpsman school. That gave him the opportunity to be a physical therapist, where he would treat soldiers injured in the Korean War.

“I worked with people who had lost limbs, had had strokes – veterans who’d had strokes. An airplane crash. I had one major who was sitting in Rittenhouse Square (in Philadelphia), and an insane person attacked him for no reason and chopped his head, and killed some nerves, and I had to work with him as a therapist. And there I learned about human beings, and how they fight back,” Cosby said.

His advice for current servicemembers?

“Laugh. I’m gonna arm you with the weapons. Just watch this show – I’m gonna arm you with the weapons, and you can laugh, and you can smile, and that’s good for ya.”

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