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In “Taming the Fire Within,” author Anne Freund speaks conversationally to combat veterans of all eras, explaining the natural emotional and behavioral reactions to the many stressors of war.

Freund, a licensed clinical psychologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs is offering free downloands of her book to military members, veterans and their families at this link.

“The more you know about PTSD and the natural reactions to war, the better you can cope with it after returning home,” she said. “It’s a lot easier for family members to cope with a veteran’s reactions when they understand why he or she is reacting the way they are, and that it’s a result of their experiences in the war zone.”

The book is not affiliated with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs or the Department of Defense, but Freund said it is used in treatment programs across the country.

She calls common and expected responses to combat “post-combat reactions,” as opposed to post-traumatic stress disorder in what she describes as a “no psycho-babble” handbook about combat trauma.

"Nobody walks away from combat unscathed," Freund said. "The term 'disorder' often conveys a stigma that fosters guilt, shame, confusion and the inability to communicate with others who can relate and help them. We want veterans to realize that they are not alone. When combat is over, the experiences still continue. It's time to break the silence so the healing can begin.”

Freund is providing the free downloads in conjunction with World Wrestling Entertainment’s Tribute to the Troops. See an interview with Anne Freund here.

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