Updated Pacific track and field record endangered species list, as of May 11

Far East is the next big stage at which the following Pacific track and field records may take a tumble. This is the final update prior to the Far East meet May 20-21 at Yokota:

High jump-- Lotty Smith, Kadena, 6 feet, 6 inches, 2011. Possible. Yokota’s Donovan Ball 6-4¾) is definitely in the neighbourhood. Possible jump: 6-6.

100 – Andre Watson, Kubasaki, 10.30, 2011. Remains on life support, with Seoul American’s Ronald Dogan and Darien Briggs, Osan American’s Marlon Cox, Kubasaki’s Rahman “Chima” Farnell and Jarrett Mitchell, Yokota’s Stanley Speed and Nile C. Kinnick’s LaTendre Paylor in pursuit. Possible time: 10.25.

200 – Kenny Elder, Yokota, 21.4, 1977, matched by Yokota’s Preston Brooks and Watson in 2011. Possible, by the aforementioned . Possible time: 21.80.

400 – Timmy Gardner, Yokota, 48.9, 1988. Possible; Keishi Nambara of OCSI ran 50.38 at Okinawa districts. Possible time: 50.20.

800 – Blake Bannister, Christian Academy Japan, 1:57.3, 2008. Remains on life support, with Kubasaki’s Ryan Bugler, with a PR of 1:58.52, leading the charge. Possible time: 1:56.9.

1,600 – Erik Armes, Kubasaki, 4:25.88, 2013. Dead on arrival. Armes, Bugler and Yokota’s Dan Galvin and Kinnick’s Robert Beard all have a shot. Possible time: 4:15.

3,200 – Roger Olson, CAJ, 9:31, 1974. On life support, and the aforementioned are all in the hunt. Possible time: 9:40.

110 hurdles – Eric Robinson, Kadena, 14.1, 2006. On life support, after Taylor’s 14.74 earlier this season. Possible time: 14.25.

300 hurdles – Randall O’Bannon, Kubasaki, 39.14, 2008. On life support, after Taylor’s 39.94 earlier this season. Possible time: 39.20.

400 relay – Kubasaki, 43.34, 2011. Possible,  with Kubasaki, Yokota, Kinnick, Guam High, Kadena and others leading the charge. Possible time: 43.70.

1,600 relay – Kadena, 3:24.6, 2004. Safe.

3,200 relay – Singapore American, 8:13.6, 1991. Safe.

100– Jackie Richards, Kubasaki, 11.5, 2001. Safe.

200 – Lorianne Roxas, Kubasaki, 25.03, 2003. On life support, with Kadena’s Janika Caines, Kubasaki’s Kaelyn Francis and Zion Christian Academy’s Jade Cummings trying. Possible time: 24.90.

400 – Jenny Melson, Singapore American, 57.20, 2001. On life support; Kinnick’s Val James posted a 58.32 this season. Possible time: 57.50.

800 – Nylin, Yokohama International, 2:19.4, 1996. Possible, though a long shot. Kinnick’s Carydaliz Fontanez has the best chance, with Kubasaki’s Allie Reichenberg and Jessica Ircink, Kadena’s Ana Hernandez and others following closely. Possible time: 2:21.

1,600 – Siarria Ingram, Jessica Ircink, Kubasaki, 5:23.26. Dead on arrival. Ircink will likely rebreak her own record. Possible time: 5:22.50.

3,200 – Sakuma, Seisen International, 11:48.1, 2004. On life support, with that whole gang giving chase; Reichenberg posted a 11:51.96 at districts. Possible time: 11:50.40.

100 hurdles – Serafina Smith, Kubasaki, 15.2, 2004. Safe.

300 hurdles – Stefani Loisel, Guam High, 46.97, 2012. Safe.

400 relay – Kadena, 49.17, 2012. Possible, with Kinnick and Kadena giving chase. Possible time: 49.50.

1,600 relay – Kadena, 4:06.49, 2012. On life support, following Kinnick’s 4:07.37 at the Kanto Invitational. Possible time: 4:06.55.

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