Updated Pacific high school goal-scoring leaders; new method of display

Wow! Talk about spirited debate, particularly between (very, very) interested parties at Taejon Christian International  School and Gyeonggi Suwon International School, each passionately backing their respective star scorers.

More comments on that subject at Stripes.com than Pacific Sports Blog has seen on one topic in five years. Most of the input was in the right spirit; however, I must remind folks that I call Sports Blog Nation the “No-Hate” Zone for a reason.  Keep it lively, be true to your school, but please … keep it clean.

Debate was split about 50-50, right down the middle, about whether to segregate this list into divisions or keep things as they are.

After giving this much thought overnight (and after much discussion on FB with one supporter in particular), I’ll be doing the following from now on:

All leaders will remain in one list. However … as suggested by TCIS athletics director Paul Rader, each player will carry one of two designations: (I) for Division I and (II) for Division II.

It’s the only way. It’s not possible to segregate the list since teams in Japan, Okinawa and Guam play each other regardless of enrollment size. The Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference is the only league in which D-I plays exclusively D-I teams and D-II plays exclusively D-II sides.

If supporters wish to designate a D-I leader and a D-II leader for themselves, I’ll leave that up to them. For now, here’s the updated list through April 29 (today):

Jacob Son, Gyeonggi Suwon International, 36 (II)
Gaku Lange, Matthew C. Perry, 33 (II)
Paul Bin, Taejon Christian International, 23 (I)
David Voelker, Seoul American, 20 (I)
Zach Yoder, Nile C. Kinnick, 19 (I)
David Nam, Seoul International, 19 (II)
Derek Stevenson, Zama American, 18 (II)
Yuji Callahan, Kadena, 17 (I)
Steven Ball, E.J. King, 13 (II)
JoJo Byrnes, Zama American, 12 (II)
Imani Washington, Kubasaki, 10 (I)
Shin Ikeda, Yongsan International-Seoul, 10 (I)

Kaile Johnson, Nile C. Kinnick, 29 (I)
Joyce Kim, Taejon Christian International, 22 (I)
Ebony Madrid, Osan American, 21 (II)
Courtney Beall, Matthew C. Perry, 20 (II)
Katey Helwick, American School In Japan, 18 (I)
Michelle Richardson, Seoul Foreign, 17 (I)
Athena Peerson, Nile C. Kinnick, 12 (I)
Emily Birmingham, Yongsan International-Seoul, 12 (I)
Sam Herritt, Matthew C. Perry, 11 (II)

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