Final Pacific high school soccer goal-scoring leaders

Quite a few additions to this lot thanks to the Far East tournament. Again, their respective divisions in parentheses. Congratulations to Matthew C. Perry’s Gaku Lange on winning the boys race and Ebony Madrid of Osan American for overtaking Nile C. Kinnick’s Kaile Johnson for girls honors.

Gaku Lange, Matthew C. Perry, 52 (II)
Jacob Son, Gyeonggi Suwon International, 36 (II)
David Voelker, Seoul American, 30 (I)
Zach Yoder, Nile C. Kinnick, 28 (I)
Yuji Callahan, Kadena, 27 (I)
Derek Stevenson, Zama American, 26 (II)
Aaron Russ, Nile C. Kinnick, 23 (I)
Paul Bin, Taejon Christian International, 23 (I)
David Nam, Seoul International, 19 (II)
Justin Hill, Matthew C. Perry, 16 (II)
Kyle Smoker, Christian Academy Japan, 16 (I)
JoJo Byrnes, Zama American, 15 (II)
Imani Washington, Kubasaki, 14 (I)
Shin Ikeda, Yongsan International-Seoul, 14 (I)
Steven Ball, E.J. King, 13 (II)
Andrew Clark, Seoul American, 12 (I)
Thomas Kim, Yongsan International-Seoul, 12 (I)
Romeo Kpolu, E.J. King, 11 (II)
Michael Roberts, Robert D. Edgren, 11 (II)
Tyrone Boylan, Kadena, 11 (I)
Kai Stallings, Kubasaki, 11 (I)
Sam Ban, Yongsan International-Seoul, 10 (I)
Manasseh Nartey, Osan American, 10 (II)

Ebony Madrid, Osan American, 40 (II)
Kaile Johnson, Nile C. Kinnick, 39 (I)
Katey Helwick, American School In Japan, 28 (I)
Courtney Beall, Matthew C. Perry, 26 (II)
Joyce Kim, Taejon Christian International, 22 (I)
Athena Peerson, Nile C. Kinnick, 20 (I)
Vanessa Black, Robert D. Edgren, 18 (II)
Michelle Richardson, Seoul Foreign, 17 (I)
Sam Herritt, Matthew C. Perry, 17 (II)
Kayla Kinney, Guam High, 15 (I)
Emily Birmingham, Yongsan International-Seoul, 15 (I)
Kyandra Lane, Matthew C. Perry, 15 (II)
Kristin Howard, Kadena, 14 (I)
Marissa Mesquita, Kubasaki, 14 (I)
Jessie Gamez, Seoul American, 12 (I) 

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