Friday forum: What perks would you pay for?

American Airlines announced this week that it would begin charging a fee to sit in the first two or three rows of coach seats, adding to the ever-growing list of ways your flight can get more expensive.

This isn't a fee I'd be willing to pay, but I can see how tall people might be happy to pay an extra $39 for bulkhead-row legroom. (That's not a problem for me. Airplanes are about the only place in the world where being five feet tall is an advantage.)

Flying in Korea? Stop! Scanner time

Regarding the ever-present privacy concerns about back-scatter scanners, here's what the Chosun Ilbo newspaper has to say:

"But the ministry said there will be no problem since it intends to blur the face and other portions of the body on images captured by the scanners, and image analysis will be done in separate rooms so that staff cannot see the people being scanned, while security officers at the gates will be unable to view scanned images. Regarding concerns that some of the images could be leaked, the ministry said the full-body scanners are incapable of storing, printing or transmitting images. It said the only chance of a leak is if staff take a picture of an image, but added that cameras, cell phones and other devices will not be allowed into the scanning and analysis rooms."

JetBlue flight attendant: Awesome or awful?

Two confessions:

1) I've always wanted to ride the emergency exit slide. Not in an emergency, mind you -- safely on the tarmac is fine. It just looks like fun, doesn't it? Who doesn't love slides?