The World Press photo exhibition

A black-veiled woman cradling her son overcome by tear gas in a riot in the Middle East. The carcass of a cow, abandoned in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster in Japan. A young woman in a bridal gown attempting suicide by jumping out a window. Year after year, the stunningly captured images of almost unimaginable events pack an emotional wallop.

It’s no light-hearted venture, visiting the World Press Photo exhibition of award-winning images from the previous year.

When you want more than a tour

As you began your European tour of duty, it’s no wonder your first instinct was to head for the sights you had only dreamed of visiting. And who’d blame you? Remember the moment you first laid eyes on such wonders as the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum?

Following visits to several such renowned landmarks, however, you might have felt the urge to step beyond the usual tourist hot spots and really get beneath the skin of a destination. If that’s the case, Context Travel, a travel business with a much different philosophy, might well be of interest to you. Context Travel aims to connect intellectually curious travelers with the elusive local knowledge that makes all the difference between seeing a city through the eyes of a tourist or truly making a connection with the environment.



About the Author

Karen Bradbury has lived and worked in Europe for more than 15 years. She has called Moscow, Copenhagen, Rome and now a small wine-producing village along the Rhine in Germany home. When she's not working, whatever the season, she's probably traveling.

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