Out with the old comments, in with the new

Today, we are launching a new, improved system for reader comments on Stars and Stripes stories, as part of our continuing effort to enhance the comment boards and encourage a robust but respectful dialogue.

The new comment system still permits users to post anonymous comments, but it requires you to provide a valid email address first. And, if you choose to register with the system, you will gain added benefits, such as the ability to monitor responses to your comments.

In addition, the new comments functionality allows users to flag inappropriate comments and helps us to keep the comment boards clear of offensive links or language.

Unfortunately, in switching over to this new system, we had to close off all the existing comment threads under the old system. You will still be able to read prior comments, but you will not be able to post new comments on those old stories.

Finally, as a reminder, here is our policy that explains responsible use of the comments boards.


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