Future generals Joulwan and Haig in Vietnam, 1967

Gerard Forken ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, February, 1967: Capt. George A. Joulwan of Pottsville, Pa., Battalion Operations Officer of 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division, shows his commander, Lt. Col. Alexander M. Haig Jr., 34 radios and other material found during a raid on an enemy base camp near the Cambodian border during Operation Junction City. During his service in Vietnam, Joulwan earned two Silver Stars, the Bronze Star, four Air Medals and the Army Commendation Medal; Haig referred to him as "the consummate warrior." Both men went on to become Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, among other accomplishments; Haig also served as Secretary of State, and Gen. Joulwan led the Southern Command during the ouster of Manuel Noriega from Panama.

Vice President Nixon visits with Hungarian refugees, 1956

Gene Bane ©Stars and Stripes
Vienna, Austria, December, 1956: Vice President Richard Nixon grinds up some hamburger at a Vienna soup kitchen that was providing meals to refugees from the unrest in Hungary. Assisting him is Mrs. Llewellyn E. Thompson, wife of the U.S. ambassador to Austria.

Raquel Welch dances with the troops, 1967

John Olson ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, December, 1967: Actress Raquel Welch dances with soldiers she invited onstage during Bob Hope's Christmas show at the 9th Infantry Division's Bear Cat base camp. Other stars on the 1967 tour included singer Barbara McNair, singer-dancer Elaine Dunn and Miss World, Madeline Hartog Bel of Peru.

Former airman Johnny Cash returns to Germany, 1959

Ernie Weatherall ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, September 22, 1959: Country music star Johnny Cash enjoys a cup of coffee as he talks about the three years he spent at Landsberg, Germany, while serving in the U.S. Air Force in the early 1950s. "I had a small country music band," he said. "We used to play at he base or in German gasthauses. But I was in a security unit and I couldn't get around much."

Stars and Stripes' 1959 story about Johnny Cash.

Miss Alabama visits the troops in Vietnam, 1970

©Stars and Stripes
An Khe, South Vietnam, August, 1970: Miss Alabama, Ann Fowler, walks through the audience of about 2,500 2nd Brigade, 4th Division troops during a USO show featuring Miss America Pamela Anne Eldred and several other state winners from the previous year's pageant.

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, 1951

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Wiesbaden, Germany, May, 1951: Lecturer and author Fulton J. Sheen, recently elevated by the Catholic Church from monsignor to bishop, poses during a tour of Germany that also took him to Heidelberg, Berlin and Munich. At Wiesbaden, he expressed fears that "completely uncontrolled" Soviet nuclear experimentation may inadvertently crack the planet. "An atom bomb in the hands of a St. Francis of Assisi would be no problem," he said, "but put an atom bomb in the hands of a Joseph Stalin and a terrible worldwide problem is created."

Bishop Sheen was one of the first religious figures to take advantage of television, going on the air on the DuMont network in the late 1940s and winning an Emmy award in 1952. Among his lasting, unintended legacies: Aspiring actor Ramon Estevez, an admirer of the bishop, changed his stage name to Martin Sheen ... and went on to father the decidedly non-saintly Charlie Sheen.

Bottle-balancing aviation technician, 1977

Dallas Baker ©Stars and Stripes
Yokohama, Japan, May, 1977: Bob Adams, an aviation electrician with Attack Squadron 115 on the USS Midway, demonstrates his talent for balancing bunches of bottles. Adams said he was even able to perform his feat while the carrier was underway at sea, something "a lot of people thought was pretty hard to do."

Stars and Stripes' story about bottle-balancing Bob Adams.

Stowaway caught at Frankfurt airport, 1947

Chris Butler ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, October, 1947: Doris von Knoblock, 20, a dental technician at the 1st General Dispensary in Darmstadt, was discovered in a U.S.-bound crate at the Rhine-Main airport. Knoblock, described as "scantily clad," faced temperatures of 15 degrees below zero in the cargo hold of a New York-bound flight if she hadn't been caught. The would-be recipient of the crate, a survivor of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp living in New York who said he was her fiance, said he was mystified regarding the incident.

Stars and Stripes' 1947 story about the airport discovery.
A 1947 Time magazine article about Doris von Knoblock.

Cleaning time on the USS Independence, 1992

Ted Salois ©Stars and Stripes
Persian Gulf, September, 1992: Airman Apprentice Brett Graveline of Airborne Early Warning Squadron 115 scrubs an E-2C Hawkeye on the flight deck of the USS Independence — and the aircraft appears to be smiling in appreciation for the back-scratching. The Independence was patrolling the area during Operation Southern Watch, the follow-up to the Gulf War.

Sumo wrestlers visit Yokota school, 1986

Sue Palumbo ©Stars and Stripes
Yokota Air Base, Japan, October, 1986: Wakasegawa, a sumo wrestler from Tokyo's Isegahama Stable, easily (and good-naturedly) weathers the onslaught of Kevin Greenwood, left, and two of his friends during a demonstration of the popular Japanese sport for students from Yokota's elementary and high schools. "The American children get so excited and seem to enjoy the demonstrations more than the Japanese children," said Wakasegawa, one of 22 wrestlers on hand for the cultural exchange.

Stars and Stripes' story about the sumo wrestlers' visit to Yokota.

Sled race during winter training, 1979

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Asiago, Italy, February 14, 1979: During winter training, members of the 509th Airborne, wearing snowshoes, drag a person on a sled in a race against other teams.

Operation Desert Shield encounter, 1990

Randy Pruitt ©Stars and Stripes
Saudi Arabia, November, 1990: A U.S. servicemember deployed to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield meets up with an aloof camel. The troops took in all the wonders of the desert while keeping in mind that they were in a potential battlefield.

Stars and Stripes' 1990 story about life in the Saudi Arabian desert.

Fleeing the fighting in Vietnam, 1972

Frank Castro ©Stars and Stripes
Bung Cau, South Vietnam, October, 1972: A woman carries children in wicker baskets as she flees fighting between North and South Vietnamese troops less than a mile behind her along Highway 13, north of Saigon.

Cited for service in three wars, 1963

Henry Chang ©Stars and Stripes
Saigon, South Vietnam, February, 1963: Master Sgt. Wylie Johnson of Columbus, Ga., left, and Master Sgt. Hugh H. Talley of Cleveland, Tenn., both serving with the U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group, pose after receiving their third Combat Infantryman's Badges from Gen. Paul D. Harkins at the MAAG compound in Saigon. They were the first U.S. servicemembers to earn the CIB in Vietnam after also having done so in World War II and the Korean conflict.

Pro-Nixon rally in Tokyo, 1974

Edward Dixon ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, January 25, 1974: Hundreds of Japanese Christians bearing signs and a huge effigy of Richard M. Nixon march from Meiji Park to the U.S. Embassy in a show of support for the United States and its beleaguered (by the Watergate scandal) president.

A Stars and Stripes story about the rally in support of President Nixon and the U.S.

Fire at the Darmstadt firehouse, 1947

Robert Wysong ©Stars and Stripes
Darmstadt, Germany, February 20, 1947: Cpl. Charles Bauer of Brooklyn, N.Y., a fireman in the Darmstadt Military Community, appears to be wondering how it could happen as he surveys the smoldering wreckage of the community's firehouse.

OV-10 Bronco at Osan Air Base, 1979

Chet King ©Stars and Stripes
Osan Air Base, South Korea, September, 1979: Senior Airman Nick Bennet seems to be attempting to reason with an uncooperative OV-10 Bronco, but he's only trying to direct the reconnaissance aircraft out of a hangar. The Bronco was assigned to the 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron.

Air Force chief of staff reviews Japanese troops, 1966

Hideyuki Mihashi ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, October 11, 1966: Inspecting the troops upon his arrival at the Japan Defense Agency, Gen. John P. McConnell, U.S. Air Force chief of staff, appears to have found something out of order in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force honor guard. At left are Maj. Masaichiro Otani, the honor guard commander, and Gen. Hirokuni Muta, JASDF chief of staff. An Air Force biography says that McConnell, who succeeded the legendary Gen. Curtis LeMay in 1965, "worked most of (his time as chief of staff) with a demanding defense secretary (Robert S. McNamara); a colorful and forceful president, Lyndon B. Johnson; and an always-questioning Congress."

Actor Cliff Robertson on the set in France, 1964

Bob Milnes ©Stars and Stripes
Cherbourg, France, November, 1964: A makeup man holds up a mirror as actor Cliff Robertson squirts on some fake sweat on the set of "Up from the Beach," a movie about the days that followed the D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944. Robertson, perhaps best known for his portrayal of John F. Kennedy in "PT 109," died September 10, 2011, at age 88.

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Baptism in the Mediterranean, 1958

Gene Bane ©Stars and Stripes
Beirut, Lebanon, July 24, 1958: Chaplain (Maj.) Lester E. Burnett, right, Protestant chaplain of Army Task Force 201, baptizes Pfc. David Johnson, from the 724th Ordnance Battalion's B Company, in the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of U.S. forces had been sent into Lebanon in the previous week to protect that nation's beleaguered pro-Western government.

Operation Pipestone Canyon, 1969

Jim Clare ©Stars and Stripes
Go Noi Island, Vietnam, June, 1969: Tanks roll past a large bomb crater during the third phase of Operation Pipestone Canyon, in which U.S. Marines from 1st and 2nd Battalions, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Division teamed up with Korean marines and 2,000 Vietnamese Army Rangers to attack Communist positions on Go Noi Island, about 10 miles south of Da Nang.

A story about the sweep of Go Noi Island.
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Jack Nicholson in Tokyo, 1994

Bryan M. Jessup ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, September 19, 1994: Actor Jack Nicholson, sporting his trademark shades and leer, poses in front of a poster of himself and "Wolf" co-star Michelle Pfeiffer during a press conference at the Imperial Hotel. Nicholson said he studied for his role in the movie by reading a lot of books about the animals and watching films of their behavior. But he stressed that "I did not go out and live with wolves."

Stars and Stripes' story about Jack Nicholson's Tokyo press conference.

1st Cavalry ceremony in Saudi Arabia, 1990

Rob Jagodzinski ©Stars and Stripes
Saudi Arabia, October 28, 1990: Members of the 1st Cavalry's support command sported uniforms that were worn by the Army in a different desert and a different century — the American West of the 1800s — while presenting the colors at a change-of-command ceremony. Col. Richard J. Fousek replaced Col. Harold E. Burch as commander of the Fort Hood, Texas-based troops, who were taking part in Operation Desert Shield.

Listening for signs of the enemy in Vietnam, 1968

John Olson ©Stars and Stripes
Khe Sanh, South Vietnam, March 1968: U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Theodore Rutkowski of Pittsburgh lies on the ground just outside of Khe Sanh's outer defenses and uses a stethoscope to listen for signs of Viet Cong tunneling beneath the beleaguered base. Covering him is U.S. Marine Julian Kalama of San Lorenzo, Calif.

The Beatles at Budokan, 1966

©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, June 30, 1966: The Beatles — from left, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon — onstage during the first of their five shows in three days at the legendary Budokan hall. The half-hour show featured the standard 11-song set from the tour: Rock And Roll Music; She's A Woman; If I Needed Someone; Day Tripper; Baby's In Black; I Feel Fine; Yesterday; I Wanna Be Your Man; Nowhere Man; Paperback Writer; and I'm Down.

Al Ricketts' "On the Town" column about the Beatles at Budokan.

Danny Kaye poster comes to life, 1952

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, May 29, 1952: Actor and comedian Danny Kaye pokes his head through a German poster advertising his 1947 film, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," following a show in Frankfurt. In addition to his regular show at the Palmgarden, which drew a crowd of 8,000 soldiers and their guests, Kaye also performed for an hour for patients at the 97th General Hospital. After Germany, his Special Services tour moved on to U.S. bases in Italy, North Africa and France.

Rainy season in Libya, 1955

Gene Bane ©Stars and Stripes
Libya, October, 1955: Libyans young and old splash along a flooded street during the rainy season in a village near Wheelus Air Base, the U.S. military facility in Tripoli. Wheelus, originally a World War II Luftwaffe base, was taken over by the U.S. in 1945. It was a key USAFE facility from 1951 to 1970, when it was turned over to Libya by order of new leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Composer Dmitri Shostakovich, 1949

Harold Briggs ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, March 22, 1949: Already on the outs with Joseph Stalin, Dmitri Shostakovich probably would've sunk deeper into the mercurial Soviet leader's doghouse if this photo had found its way back to the Kremlin. The noted composer is posing beneath a poster urging support for Operation Vittles, the U.S.-led effort to send supplies to Berlin in spite of the Soviet blockade of the city. Shostakovich and six other writers, artists and scientists stopped at Rhein-Main on their way to a world peace conference in New York City.

A story about the 1949 peace conference

Border patrol in Germany, 1974

Regis Bossu ©Stars and Stripes
Brand, Germany, August, 1974: A jeep from the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment drives down a narrow forest road on an inspection tour along the border with Czechoslovakia. Life for soldiers from the regiment's 1st Squadron, responsible for patrolling nearly 50 miles of the border, was about to get much better thanks to renovations at Camp Gates that included showers in the barracks and improved dining facilities.

A 1974 story about renovations at border camps in Germany.

Chinook helicopter over the autobahn, 1979

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Heidelberg, Germany, August, 1979: After a two-week, 4,560-mile journey with three other CH-47C Chinook helicopters from Fort Carson, Colorado, to Heidelberg, one of the choppers lifts a rocket and launcher over the autobahn and the Neckar River in a show of deployment capability. The Chinooks' trip to Europe from Colorado was the first European deployment for the aircraft; 2,000-gallon fuel bladders placed in their cargo holds made the transatlantic crossing possible.