Bill Johnson wins the Olympic gold medal, 1984

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, February, 1984: Bill Johnson of the U.S. soars through the air on the way to a gold medal in the downhill at the Olympic Games. Johnson raised a few eyebrows when he said he'd win the event, in which Swiss skiers were favored, but he came through in a way reminiscent of Joe Namath's Super Bowl prediction.

Stars and Stripes' post-Olympics interview with Bill Johnson.

Busload of refugees in Vietnam, 1972

©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, April, 1972: A bus overcrowded with refugees stops at a South Vietnamese army checkpoint on Route 13 near Lai Khe. The refugees were heading for Saigon and Lai Khe after a rocket attack on Chan Tanh.

Refueling over Germany, 1978

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Over Germany, November, 1978: A KC-135 tanker refuels two F-15 Eagles and an F-4 Phantom above the clouds in Germany.

Tank retrieved from the Neckar River, 1982

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Mannheim, Germany, July, 1982: A German "Floating Achilles" crane lifts a 50-ton M-60 tank out of the Neckar River. The tank had been stolen by a U.S. soldier and driven on a rampage through Mannheim, demolishing a streetcar and several cars and injuring three people. It was then trapped on the bridge, but in backing off the driver went over the edge and was killed.

Leaving on a helicopter, 1968

Dave Preston ©Stars and Stripes
Aboard the USS Boston, September, 1968:  It's time for a quick goodbye as an intra-ship helicopter arrives at the USS Boston — the world's first guided missile cruiser — to drop off mail and pick up passengers during a patrol off North Vietnam.

Old-fashioned cause of a traffic jam in Bosnia, 1997

Michael Abrams ©Stars and Stripes
Bosnia and Herzegovina, May, 1997: Military convoys often slow the traffic on the roads of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but this time on the road between Brka and Brcko that leads through McGovern Base it's one horse-powered vehicle holding up a convoy of Humvees.

Fishermen on a beach in Italy, 1983

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Marina di Massa, Italy, November, 1983: Fishermen on the beach at Marina di Massa, Italy, near Pisa, as an autumn day winds down.

John McEnroe argues a call, 1984

Ken George ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, April, 1984: John McEnroe argues a call as opponent Jimmy Connors listens in during the semifinals of the Suntory Cup tennis tournament. McEnroe moved on to the finals with a 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 victory. The two met again in the 1984 Wimbledon finals, with McEnroe prevailing on his way to an 82-3 record for the year

Stars and Stripes' 1984 story about the McEnroe-Connors match in Tokyo.

Medal of Honor recipient Paul B. Huff, 1967

Gerard Forken ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, July, 1967: Sgt. Maj. Paul B. Huff, left, a World War II Medal of Honor recipient, talks with Sgt. Maj. Walter T. Sabalauski during an operation by the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Div., near Duc Pho.

Huff, 48, came from Fort Campbell, Ky, where he was sergeant major of the 101st, to take over the top NCO job with the "Screaming Eagles" 1st Brigade. He earned the Medal of Honor — the first paratrooper to do so — by singlehandedly wiping out three German machine-gun nests on the beachhead at Anzio, Italy, in 1944.

Dentist at work in Vietnam, 1968

Bob Cutts ©Stars and Stripes
Di An, South Vietnam, October, 1968: Soldiers in the field need dental care, too, and during the Vietnam war that often took some doing. Here, Capt. Earle Yeamans, a dentist with the 1st Infantry Division, works on a soldier's teeth at a Big Red One defensive perimeter as Spec. 5 Richard Ackley, left, helps out. In the background, troops waiting their turn offer protection against the dangers of a war zone.

Stars and Stripes' 1968 story about field dentistry in Vietnam.

U.S. servicemembers in Saudi Arabia, 1990

Rob Jagodzinski ©Stars and Stripes
Saudi Arabia, November, 1990: U.S. servicemembers stationed in the Saudi desert during Operation Desert Shield salute as one of one of the local means of transportation looms in the background.

Relaxing on a small base in Vietnam, 1965

Bob Cutts ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, November, 1965: Warrant Officer Tom Allen soaks up some sun in a marshy pond near the flight line at the tiny Vinh Long airfield, home of the U.S. Army's 502nd and 114th Aviation Battalions, in South Vietnam's Mekong Delta region.

More about Vinh Long base.

Young spectator at an East Berlin youth rally, 1950

Henry Toluzzi ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, Germany, May 28, 1950: A young East Berliner carries a hammer (as in "hammer and sickle") during a rally by the Freie Deutsche Jugend, or Free German Youth, a communist organization whose postwar activities and indoctrination style reminded many Western observers of the Hitler Youth. Thousands of FDJ members and their six-to-14-year-old counterparts in the "Young Pioneers" took part in the Whitsunday march down Unter der Linden.

Stars and Stripes' 1950 story about FDJ, including an interview with the group's spokesman.

A new island in the Atlantic, 1966

Merle Hunter ©Stars and Stripes
Off the coast of Iceland, July, 1966: Clouds of ash and vapor pour out of the newly-formed island of Jolnir, adjacent to Surtsey in the volcanic region a few miles south of Iceland. Surtsey's emergence from the sea in 1963 and 1964 was good news for scientists, who could observe not only the creation of an island, but the development of an entire ecosystem. Jolnir wasn't as fortunate, as it was worn away by erosion over the next few years.

Stars and Stripes' 1966 story about Surtsey and the new island.

Native Americans in Frankfurt, 1972

Ted Rohde ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, October, 1972: Crow Indians from the Western United States ride the escalator at a Frankfurt store on their way to perform native American songs and dances to promote tourism on reservations in Montana and Wyoming. The group of teachers, ranchers and machinists, led by Eastern Montana State College Indian Studies instructor (and World War II Air Force veteran) Philip Beaumont, had already toured England, Denmark and Germany in hopes of attracting between 800 and 1,000 Europeans to 14- and 21-day vacation packages in 1973.

Stars and Stripes' 1972 story about the Crow Indians' visit to Frankfurt.

Captured Viet Cong guerrilla, 1963

Henry Chang ©Stars and Stripes
Plain of Reeds, Vietnam, May, 1963: A knife-wielding South Vietnamese soldier holds on to a Viet Cong guerrilla who had been found hiding in tall grass along the edge of a canal on the Plain of Reeds, about eight miles from the Cambodian border.

Pope John Paul II in London, 1982

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
London, England, May 28, 1982: Pope John Paul II stops to bless some of the faithful at St. George's Cathedral. Large crowds greeted the pontiff on his first trip to London, which included a visit with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

Water break during Operation Birmingham, 1966

Kim Ki Sam ©Stars and Stripes
Tay Ninh, South Vietnam, May 1, 1966: American soldiers stop to fill their canteens at a water hole during Operation Birmingham, near the Cambodian border. Over 3,000 troops from the 1st Infantry Division were brought in by C-130s to take part in the operation.

Stars and Stripes' story about the day's action in Operation Birmingham.

Baseball players arrive in Germany, 1951

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, February 4, 1951: Four of the baseball notables who will be taking part in the week-long EUCOM Baseball and Softball Coaches and Officials clinic relax at Rhein-Main airport after a 27-hour flight from the States. From left to right are players Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals and Jerry Coleman of the New York Yankees; former Giants and Cardinals great Frankie Frisch; and longtime Chicago Cubs manager Charlie Grimm.

Stars and Stripes' 1951 story about the baseball players' arrival in Germany.

On the flight deck of the USS Saratoga, 1990

Rob Jagodzinski ©Stars and Stripes
Aboard the USS Saratoga, November, 1990: A flight deck crewman pauses amid the jumble of aircraft wings on board the USS Saratoga in the Red Sea during Operation Desert Shield, the prelude to the 1991 Gulf War.

Stars and Stripes' 1990 story about the USS Saratoga's flight crew.

Martha Raye visits the troops in Vietnam, 1965

Jack Baird ©Stars and Stripes
Da Nang, South Vietnam, December, 1965: Singer and comedienne Martha Raye, a friend and combat nurse to servicemembers from World War II through Vietnam, relaxes during a visit to the U.S. Navy berthing vessel Tourane Hilton in Da Nang Harbor. Raye — known as "Colonel Maggie of the Boondocks" for her frequent sojourns to entertain troops, notably Green Berets, in remote areas — was in the middle of a 14-show, eight-day tour of South Vietnam.

Auto racing legend Richard Petty, 1977

Mike Spear ©Stars and Stripes
Level Cross, N.C., December 20, 1977: NASCAR great Richard Petty, at Petty Enterprises' facility near Randleman, N.C., poses next to the Dodge Charger he had driven in competition for four years. Petty was in the process of switching to a Dodge Magnum for the 1978 season, and would end up behind the wheel of a Chevy before the year was over.

Stars and Stripes' 1977 feature in which Richard Petty talks about his career and his sport.

President and Mrs. Reagan in Normandy, 1984

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Pointe du Hoc, France, June 6, 1984: President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan talk with dignitaries at a ceremony honoring troops from the 2nd Ranger Battalion who scaled the 100-foot cliffs at Pointe du Hoc in Normandy during the D-Day landings 40 years earlier. Singling out the Rangers in attendance at the ceremony, the president said, "These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes who helped end the war."

Stars and Stripes' story about President Reagan's 1984 D-Day speech.

Golfer Patty Berg at Wiesbaden, 1963

Ted Rohde ©Stars and Stripes
Wiesbaden, Germany, August 11, 1963: Golfing great and three-time AP Athlete of the Year Patty Berg presents a young fan with a golf ball during a clinic at the Rheinblick Golf Club, part of her six-week tour of Europe that also included stops at military courses at Ramstein, Berlin and Torrejon, Spain. Between 1941 and 1962, Berg won 60 pro tournaments, including a record 15 majors. She was a member of the inaugural class (1967) of the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame.

Stars and Stripes' 1963 story about Patty Berg's golfing clinic at Wiesbaden.

Actor Richard Widmark during filming in Berlin, 1954

Ted Rohde ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, July, 1954: Actor Richard Widmark, center, talks with two of the U.S. servicemembers who were on hand at Tempelhof Air Base to assist in the production of A Prize of Gold, a film about air police in Berlin. They are Staff Sgt. Luther Perry, left, who had a bit part in the movie, and Berlin air provost marshal Lt. John Walsh, who was there to help Widmark in his portrayal of an air policeman.

Stars and Stripes' story about the filming of "A Prize of Gold," with Richard Widmark.

Bob Hope and Joey Heatherton, 1966

Robert C. Kersey ©Stars and Stripes
Di An, South Vietnam, December, 1966: Actress Joey Heatherton follows along as Bob Hope dances during Hope's annual Christmas show. Also on the bill for the 1966 tour were singers Vic Damone and Anita Bryant, and Miss World, Reita Faria of India.

Virginia Guard unit at 'Troll Village' in Bosnia, 1997

Ron Alvey ©Stars and Stripes
Slavonski Brod, Bosnia and Herzegovina, December, 1997: Army National Guard soldiers from Leesburg, Va.-based Company C, 3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry, 29th Infantry Division — the first Guard infantry unit to be deployed since 1968 — leave "Troll Village" under the Slavonski Brod bridge as they respond to a report of a disturbance. Happily, it turned out to be a local wedding celebration.

A 1998 Stars and Stripes story about the Virginia National Guard unit in Bosnia, with more photos.

Field Marshal Montgomery at EUCOM headquarters, 1951

©Stars and Stripes
Heidelberg, Germany, October, 1951: British Field Marshal Viscount Bernard L. Montgomery, center, deputy commander of SHAPE, and Gen. Thomas T. Handy, left, EUCOM commander-in-chief, review the troops during Montgomery's visit to EUCOM headquarters. "Monty" is best known as the hero of the 1942 battle of El Alamein, a victory over the Germans that turned the tide of the war in North Africa. However, his prickly relationship with the American commanders and his delay in capturing Caen after D-Day have fueled a great deal of debate about his legacy over the years.

Stars and Stripes' story about Field Marshal Montgomery at EUCOM headquarters.
A January, 1944, Stripes feature on "Monty" by Don Hewitt, later a producer and director at CBS News and the creator of "60 Minutes."

A wave across the Berlin Wall, 1961

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, September, 1961: A West Berliner finds a vantage point from which to wave to someone isolated on the eastern side of the recently constructed Berlin Wall.

Pro-unification marchers in Seoul, 1953

Frank Praytor ©Stars and Stripes
Seoul, Korea, 1953: Protesters in war-torn Seoul rally in favor of reunification with the north. As the conflict completed its third year, the issue of an armistice was a controversial one in Seoul. On June 25, a month before the truce was actually signed, President Syngman Rhee told a crowd of a half-million Koreans that the armistice agreement was a "death warrant," adding that the presence of Chinese forces in Korea and the proposal that India might bring armed forces into guard the prisoners were provisions in the treaty that he "absolutely cannot accept:" He added, though, that it was "with truly heavy heart that we should act contrary to the friendship of President Eisenhower and against his wishes ... We cannot act the other way, however, because if we do so we will have to face death."

A Stars and Stripes story from June, 1953: Rhee tells countrymen to scorn armistice pact.

Art Linkletter brings his show to Wiesbaden, 1967

Joe Wesley ©Stars and Stripes
Wiesbaden, German, June 14, 1967: Art Linkletter, host of the popular "House Party" television show, talks with Dawn Lemire, daughter of SMSgt. and Mrs. Donald Lemire, during a visit to the USAFE Hospital in Wiesbaden. Linkletter, whose humorous conversations with children were a highlight of his radio and TV shows and the basis of several books, was filming "House Party" in Berlin and Naples, Italy.

Stars and Stripes' 1967 story about Art Linkletter at Wiesbaden.