Meeting at Panmunjom, 1983

Harold China ©Stars and Stripes
Panmunjom, Korea, March, 1983: North Korean (facing camera) and United Nations troops stare at each other at the border between North and South Korea during the 417th meeting of the Military Armistice Commission. The delegates were meeting to discuss an agreement on notification of upcoming military exercises.

Stars and Stripes' 1983 story about the armistice commission's 417th meeting

Reluctant fashion show attendee, 1947

Chris Butler ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, July 16, 1947: This soldier agreed to go to the fashion show, but he seems to have drawn the line at having his photo in the newspaper where all his pals could see it. The show, at which gowns, coats and bathing suits were modeled, was sponsored by the 7704th WAC Detachment to benefit the German Youth Association.

Helicopter lands in Vietnam, 1966

Ray Mahon ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, October, 1966: A helicopter approaches the landing zone to deliver supplies and evacuate U.S. Marines wounded in the battle for Hill 484, near the DMZ.

Soldiers in Frankfurt meet actor Gary Cooper, 1953

©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, May, 1953: These U.S. soldiers probably felt like two of the luckiest men on the face of the Earth as they talked with actor Gary Cooper, who was on a promotional tour for his latest film, "High Noon." Cooper, well-known for his portrayal of Lou Gehrig in "Pride of the Yankees," won the Best Actor Oscar for "High Noon" earlier in 1953. He had received the same award in 1942 for his portrayal of World War I hero Sgt. Alvin York.

'Candy bomber' Gail Halvorsen returns to Berlin, 1984

Stephanie James ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, Germany, June 11, 1984: Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Gail S. Halvorsen, the famed "Candy Bomber," poses in front of a C-54 — the same type of plane he flew during the post-World War II Berlin airlift — during an air show at Tempelhof Airport. While Halvorsen was carrying out his mission of ferrying supplies into the blockaded city in 1949, he met a group of Berlin children and realized how much they savored the pieces of gum he gave them. On his next trip into the city, he attached bags of candy to three handkerchief parachutes and dropped them — against regulations — to the kids below; it was the start of what would later be dubbed Operation Little Vittles. Halvorsen was a dean of student affairs at Brigham Young University at the time of his 1984 visit to Berlin in conjunction with the 35th anniversary of the airlift.

A 1984 Stars and Stripes story about Col. Halvorsen's return to Berlin.

Girl's special welcome for the Reagans, 1982

Gus Schuettler / ©Stars and Stripes
Bonn, Germany, June, 1982: After sneaking past a policeman, three guards and a Secret Service agent to present a bouquet of flowers to first lady Nancy Reagan, Christina Bachmann of Bonn curtsies as she shakes hands with President Ronald Reagan. The seven-year-old daughter of West German President Karl Carstens' chauffeur "wanted to please (Reagan)," who was arriving at Villa Hammerschmidt (Carstens' official residence) from London for a NATO summit conference.

Thanksgiving guest of honor, 1967

John Olson ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, November, 1967: Staff Sgt. Raymond Scherz of Addison, Ill., seems to be pondering the best way to convert this feathered visitor to C Company, 2nd Battalion, 39th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, into Thanksgiving dinner at the nearby Bear Cat base camp. The turkey was one of 57,000 sent in to provide as many as possible of the half-million U.S. servicemembers in Vietnam with a traditional holiday feast. Also rolling through the supply chain for the 1967 meal were 225 tons of boneless turkey meat, 28 tons of cranberry sauce, 15 tons of mixed nuts, eight tons of candy, 11 tons of olives and 33 tons of fruitcake.

U.S. soldiers on patrol in Bosnia, 1997

Javier Chagoya ©Stars and Stripes
Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, February, 1997: American soldiers walk past a Brcko resident during a routine patrol through the streets of the northern Bosnian city.

President and Mrs. Kennedy arrive in Vienna, 1961

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
Vienna, Austria, June, 1961: Umbrellas shield President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy from the rain as they arrive in Vienna for JFK's summit meeting with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

Long-awaited shave in Vietnam, 1965

Jack Baird ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, December, 1965: At a landing zone about 26 miles southwest of Da Nang, Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Larry S. Katzenbogan, 20, of Spokane, Wash., and A Co., 3rd Shore Party Battalion, shaves for the first time in the six days since the beginning of Operation Harvest Moon in the Que Son Valley.

Lifeguard in Lebanon, 1958

John Wright ©Stars and Stripes
Beirut, Lebanon, July, 1958: A lifeguard on a stand made of cartons of C-rations keeps an eye on U.S. servicemembers enjoying a swim in the Mediterranean at a beach near Beirut's international airport. The Americans — part of a 14,000-man force of soldiers and Marines sent in to bolster the beleaguered pro-Western government of Lebanese President Camille Chamoun — marched two miles in full combat dress to get to the beach.

Stuck behind the Berlin Wall, 1961

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, Germany, October, 1961: Two East Berliners look out from their window onto a newly-strengthened section of the Berlin Wall at Bernauerstrasse. It would be 28 years — and dozens of deaths — before the blight in their backyard finally vanished.

Exercise in the Saudi Arabian desert, 1990

Rob Jagodzinski ©Stars and Stripes
Saudi Arabia, December, 1990: A line of vehicles files across the desert during an Army Special Forces exercise in eastern Saudi Arabia as Operation Desert Shield continues.

Gen. Lucius Clay and former President Herbert Hoover, 1947

©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, Germany, February, 1947: Lt. Gen. Lucius Clay, deputy military governor of Germany, and former President Herbert Hoover meet the press after Hoover's arrival in Berlin to begin his survey of the food situation in the British and U.S. zones of Germany and Austria. Hoover was a key figure in the European famine relief effort after both world wars; Clay is remembered as the man who led the Berlin Airlift of 1948-49.

Heavy-duty mail call in Korea, 1953

Frank Praytor ©Stars and Stripes
Korea, April, 1953: Pvt. Anthony H. Obert of Cincinnati reads some of the hundreds of letters he has received from the States since his name was broadcast by a radio disc jockey in his hometown. Some of Obert's fellow soldiers started the deluge by writing a letter in his name to radio station WCKY asking listeners to send him mail. They did. "I've answered some," Obert said, "but the situation soon got out of hand, so I told the boys around here to help themselves to letters. They have been coming in my bunker and picking out letters from their home states."

Stars and Stripes' 1953 story about Pvt. Obert's mail deluge.

Wary soldier in Bosnia, 1996

Vince Crawley ©Stars and Stripes
Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, October, 1996: Spec. Matthew Freund, a military policeman with the 536th MP Company out of Grafenwöhr, Germany, watches over a bus convoy taking soldiers to Hungary for R&R

Soldiers in Berlin get new M14 rifles, 1961

Gene Bane ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, September, 1961: Sfc Walter Longanbach, right, supply sergeant of Company D, 6th Infantry, 2nd Battle Group, issues the new, fast-firing M14 rifles to three men of his company. The troops in three companies in West Berlin that received M14s were about to begin marksmanship lessons, followed by range firing; after that, they were to turn in their M1 Garand rifles, the standard infantryman's weapon since 1941. A story about the switch noted that one of the advantages of the new weapon was that it fired the standard 7.62-mm cartridge used by forces of other NATO nations.

Gen. Omar Bradley in Vietnam, 1967

Gerard Forken ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, August, 1967: Retired U.S. Army Gen. Omar N. Bradley talks to a reporter during a visit to the 1st Infantry Division. Bradley commanded American forces (including elements of the Big Red One) during the World War II invasion of Normandy, and went on to become the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was the last American officer to be awarded a fifth star, and at the time of his death in 1981 he was the only survivor of that elite group of nine men.

Old and new means of transportation, 1951

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Germany, October 9, 1951: A farmer with an ox-drawn cart passes a jeep parked in the shade of a tree during Exercise Combine in the Rhine Valley.

Artillery support in Vietnam, 1971

Howard Lavick ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, February, 1971: With a tattered flag flying near their gun, American artillerymen open fire in support of South Vietnamese infantrymen driving into Laos.

A related Stars and Stripes story from February, 1971.

USS Fife in the Gulf of Oman, 1990

Rob Jagodzinski ©Stars and Stripes
Gulf of Oman, November, 1990: The USS Fife is silhouetted against the sun as it patrols the Gulf of Oman during Operation Desert Shield. When the Gulf War broke out in January, 1991, the Yokosuka-based, Spruance-class destroyer fired Tomahawk missiles at targets in Iraq.

A December, 1990 Stars and Stripes story about the USS Fife on patrol.

Under fire in Vietnam, 1968

John Olson ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, January, 1968: American soldiers take cover from enemy fire during a three-day operation by B Company, 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry in the Que Son Valley, 35 miles from Da Nang.

Olympic slalom race, 1984

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, February 19, 1984: A determined Paolo de Chiesa of Italy drives through a gate near the start of the second run of the men's slalom at the 1984 Olympic Games.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, February 1998

Michael Abrams ©Stars and Stripes
Bosnia and Herzegovina, February 1998: A convoy of Humvees from the 1st Armored Division's 2-6 Infantry patrols Stari Rasadnik, a Brcko suburb, passes people taking wheelbarrows of water canisters to the village's well. Stari Rasadnik was populated by Bosnian Muslims returning to their homes after the war, as well as displaced Bosnian Serbs who had no running water and no sewage system. The area was totally destroyed in the Bosnian civil war, but was being rebuilt by people from both entities.


William Casey gets an honorary degree, 1975

Tae Won Chung ©Stars and Stripes
Seoul, South Korea, January 30, 1975: William J. Casey, president and chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., receives an honorary doctorate from Chung Ang University, where he also delivered a lecture entitled "Adjusting to a New World Economic Order." Casey went on to head Ronald Reagan's campaign for the presidency in 1980, and after the election he became head of the CIA. He was considered a pivotal figure in the Iran-Contra affair, but failing health kept him from ever testifying before Congress.




Rainy night in Venice, 1967

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
Venice, Italy, December, 1967: Two lovers pause at a bridge over a canal in Venice on a rainy night.

Berliners throw rocks at Soviet troops, 1962

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, 1962: West Berliners on the sidewalk near Checkpoint Charlie throw rocks at a military bus carrying Soviet troops across the border to the Soviet war memorial a few months after the construction of the Berlin Wall.

Pinball makes a worker's day in Bosnia, 1998

Ron Alvey ©Stars and Stripes
Slavonski Brod, Bosnia and Herzegovina, October, 1998:  Antonio Trinidad, an employee of Lockheed Martin, plays a Dirty Harry pinball game at Camp Sava North. Trinidad, who performs maintenance work on Humvees and trucks, plays pinball regularly on lunch breaks and after quitting time.

New mascot for troops in Korea, 1953

Frank Praytor ©Stars and Stripes
Korea, June, 1953: Rocky, a two-month-old bear cub presented to Lt. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor by South Koreans, appears intent on removing a chunk of the hand of Cpl. William J. Richardson of Brooklyn, N.Y. At right is Cpl. Marvin Van Tickle of Freehold, N.J. Rocky, captured by South Korean troops at the front, was put to work as official mascot of the Eighth Army Honor Guard.

Raymond Burr visits a military hospital, 1964

Joe Schneider ©Stars and Stripes
Clark Air Base, Philippines, January, 1964: Raymond Burr, star of TV's "Perry Mason," talks with Airman 1st Class Bennie J. Robinson during a visit to the hospital at Clark Air Base.