President Nixon visits the troops in Vietnam, 1969

Jim Clare ©Stars and Stripes
Di An, South Vietnam, August, 1969: One group of American soldiers was about to take part in a helicopter assault, and another was about to go on a night ambush mission. But before they could leave the base at Di An, they had some visitors: President Richard Nixon and a horde of 200 newsmen. Nixon made the surprise stop in the Saigon area on his way to Thailand; more than 20 helicopters and a flight of F100 jets patrolled the area's skies as the commander in chief talked to this servicemember and his comrades.

Two Stars and Stripes stories about President Nixon's 1969 visit to Vietnam.

Adm. Arleigh Burke on Okinawa, 1957

Peter Craigmoe ©Stars and Stripes
Okinawa, October, 1957: Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Arleigh A. Burke gets a Marine's-eye view of a landing operation on Okinawa as he questions Cpl. Richard Greer of Pueblo, Colo.

Astronaut John Glenn arrives in Tokyo, 1963

Hideyuki Mihashi ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, May, 1963: Astronaut John Glenn is mobbed by photographers after his arrival at Tokyo International Airport. Glenn, who in February, 1962 became the first American in orbit, was in Japan to assist with the communications network for the Mercury flight of L. Gordon Cooper. Once the mission was over, Glenn embarked on a 12-day vacation in Japan with his family.

A story about John Glenn's 1963 visit to Japan.

Lt. Cmdr. John McCain returns from captivity in North Vietnam, 1973

Don Gunn ©Stars and Stripes
Clark Air Base, Philippines, March, 1973: Lt. Cmdr. John S. McCain III steps down from a plane that brought him back to freedom after 5½ years in a North Vietnamese prison. Press reports noted that McCain — one of 108 ex-POWs arriving at Clark that day — appeared to be favoring his right leg, which was broken when his plane was was shot down on October 26, 1967. Among those greeting the future U.S. senator was Adm. Noel Gayler, who succeeded McCain's father, Adm. John S. McCain, Jr., as commander-in-chief, Pacific.

Stars and Stripes' 1973 story about the return of the American POWs from Hanoi.

Col. Chuck Yeager prepares for a flight, 1966

Andrew Headland Jr. ©Stars and Stripes
Clark Air Base, Philippines, November, 1966: Airman 2nd Class James Rohl helps the new commander of the 405th Fighter Wing prepare for a flight in an F-100, but he probably doesn't have to help too much. For one thing, the commander is already combat rated in both the F-100 and the B-57, and has at that point flown 138 different types of aircraft. Also, he's Col. Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier, and the first military man to fly a jet at twice the speed of sound. In an interview, Yeager cautioned that Americans should expect to suffer losses in the inherently-dangerous space program — a prediction that unfortunately came true a few weeks later, when the Apollo I astronauts died in a fire during a launch simulation.

Stars and Stripes' 1966 interview with Col. Chuck Yeager at Clark AB.

Well-fed snake in Vietnam, 1967

Gerard Forken ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, June, 1967: An infantryman from 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division tugs on an 18-foot snake found in tall elephant grass northeast of Saigon during Operation Billings. Judging from the bulge, the reptile had just polished off its noontime meal.

Actress Carroll Baker on a Far East tour, 1965

Ed Swinney ©Stars and Stripes
Southeast Asia, December, 1965: The sign probably wasn't posted with actress Carroll Baker in mind, but it served its purpose — much to the chagrin of servicemembers like the one on the other side of the wall. Baker was touring the Far East with Bob Hope's annual Christmas show.

War-damaged statue in Berlin, 1947

Leonard Lieberman ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, February, 1947: Two workers repair a Berlin monument that still bears significant scars from World War II.

Sidney Poitier on the set in London, 1964

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
London, November, 1964: Actor Sidney Poitier relaxes on the set of "The Bedford Incident" at Shepperton Studio. In the Cold War film, Poitier plays a reporter on a U.S. destroyer who grows increasingly alarmed by the behavior of skipper Richard Widmark during the pursuit of a Soviet submarine. Spoiler: Poitier never gets to file his story.

Stars and Stripes' interview with Poitier during the filming of "The Bedford Incident."

Scrap-metal hunters on Omaha Beach, 1964

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
Normandy, April, 1964: Nearly 20 years after the D-Day landings, local residents were still digging through the sand at Omaha Beach to recover metal parts from military hardware to sell as scrap or use around their homes.

U.S. soldier in Lebanon wields a slingshot, 1958

Ted Rohde ©Stars and Stripes
Lebanon, September, 1958: Sp4 David O. Quandt of Battery A, 13th Artillery, demonstrates the skill with the slingshot which has reportedly caused a decline in the population of lizards and snakes in his unit's bivouac area near the Beirut airport during Operation Blue Bat.

Stars and Stripes' 1958 story about the Army slingshot artist.

B-52 bomber takes off from Thailand, 1970

Russ Anderson ©Stars and Stripes
Utapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield, Thailand, January, 1970: Two men relaxing on the beach watch as a Strategic Air Command B-52 bomber takes off on a mission in Southeast Asia. Thailand was the starting point for the majority of B-52 missions during the Vietnam war; others took off from Guam and Okinawa. A half-century after its rollout, the B-52 is still a prominent part of the Air Force arsenal.

Traffic congestion in Turkey, 1957

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Northwestern Turkey, September, 1957: When U.S. Marines came ashore in Turkey during NATO's Exercise Deep Water in the Gulf of Saros, this convoy slowing their inland progress had a decidedly old-fashioned look.

Celebrating the Air Force's 15th anniversary, 1962

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Bitburg, Germany, September, 1962: All eyes are focused on a soon-to-be snack as Mrs. Robert L. Delashaw, wife of the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing's commander, cuts into a cake at Bitburg Air Base. The 1,200-pound pastry was baked for a celebration marking the 15th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force.

Prime Minister Sato and beauty pageant contestants, 1969

Hideyuki Mihashi ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, September, 1969: Leading the Japanese government might provide plenty of stress, thanks to riots on college campuses and tension with China, but Prime Minister Eisaku Sato is clearly enjoying one of the side benefits of his job as he's surrounded by contestants in the 1969 Miss International beauty pageant during a photo opportunity at his residence.

Country music stars arrive in Wiesbaden, 1949

Gerald Waller ©Stars and Stripes
Wiesbaden, Germany, November, 1949: Five future Country Music Hall of Famers are interviewed on AFN radio as the Grand Ole Opry troupe arrives at Wiesbaden Air Base for a series of performances in the American zone. From left to right are Hank Williams, Little Jimmy Dickens, Red Foley, Minnie Pearl, AFN announcer Bob Norwood and Roy Acuff.

The Berlin Wall's six-month anniversary, 1962

Merle Hunter ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, February, 1962: A day before the six-month anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall, two West Berlin residents haul a cartload of firewood along the barrier.

Read a 1962 Stars and Stripes report on Berlin six months after the Wall was built.

Training exercise in Germany, 1982

Stephanie James ©Stars and Stripes
Wildflecken Training Area, Germany, February, 1982: Simulated combat training participants Pfc. Anthony Kensey, left, and Pvt. Steven Grimmett of 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, Co. B, 2nd Battalion, 36th Infantry out of Kirch-Goens work their way through the snowy forest during a Crew Maneuver Course. The 10-day program of tactical scenarios, in which nine platoons took part, included a forced march, live-fire exercises, and day-and-night navigation.

Pro-Nazi bombing suspects on trial, 1947

©Stars and Stripes
Stuttgart, Germany, January, 1947: Siegfried Kabus, foreground, and other defendants sit in a military government courtroom during their trial on charges that they bombed three German denazification courts and the Stuttgart military police headquarters. Ringleader Kabus — a former SS officer described by one witness as the would-be führer of a planned Nazi government — told the court Adolf Hitler was alive, but partially paralyzed, in Spain. Kabus was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging; others were given prison sentences.

Coverage of the 1947 trial of the "Kabus gang."

Wrestling match at the Olympic Games, 1972

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Munich, August, 1972: West German wrestler Wilfried Dietrich tries in vain to get a grip on eventual bronze medalist Chris Taylor of the U.S. at the Olympic Games. The 400-pound Taylor won the freestyle bout between the two in a 3-2 decision, but in the Greco-Roman competition a few days later Dietrich, outweighed by about 125 pounds, managed to get Taylor on his shoulders and throw him to win the match.

Battle of the Bulge memorial dedication, 1950

Gerald Waller ©Stars and Stripes
Bastogne, Belgium, July, 1950: Members of the 1st Infantry Division honor guard present arms as the flag is raised during the dedication ceremony for a memorial honoring the Americans who lost their lives in the area during the World War II Battle of the Bulge. Among the 75,000 people on hand for the ceremony were the hero of the battle, Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, and dozens of other soldiers who took part in the fighting in December, 1944.

Stars and Stripes' 1950 story about the dedication of the memorial.

War damage at the La Vang Cathedral, 1972

Allen Schaefer ©Stars and Stripes
Near Quang Tri City, South Vietnam, July, 1972: A tank carrying South Vietnamese troops rumbles past a shattered religious statue outside the shell-damaged La Vang Cathedral. ARVN forces were mounting an attempt to retake Quang Tri City from the North Vietnamese, who had seized it two months earlier.

Air defense readiness exercise in Korea, 1974

Tae Won Chung ©Stars and Stripes
South Korea, September, 1974: Pv2s Warren A. Thomas, Chester Smith and Wesley J. Whiteplume, from B Battery, 61st Air Defense Artillery, 2nd Infantry Division, prepare a "bat" target rocket during an air defense readiness exercise at Daechon's sea range, about 90 miles south of Seoul.

Gen. and Mrs. Ridgway take a bobsled ride, 1953

Ted Rohde ©Stars and Stripes
Garmisch, Germany, January, 1953: Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, center, and his wife, Penny, prepare for a bobsled ride with members of the U.S. team during the International Winter Sports Week. The driver is Lloyd Johnson of Rapid City, S.D.; the brakeman is Capt. Hubert Miller, of Saranac Lake, N. Y. Asked later how the ride on the sled nicknamed "Widow Maker" compared with jumping out of airplanes (he parachuted into Normandy with his 82nd Airborne Division troops during the World War II D-Day invasion), Ridgway replied, "I think I know where I am in the air better than I did on this sled."

A 1953 story about the Ridgways' bobsled ride.

Marines leaving Vietnam, 1971

Howard Lavick ©Stars and Stripes
Da Nang, South Vietnam, April, 1971:
Marines from the 1st Marine Division file aboard the USS Anchorage, on their way home from their tour of duty in Vietnam. The ship's departure marked the end of the Keystone Robin operation, during which the 7th Fleet carried more than 1,600 Marines out of the country in the sixth increment of troop redeployment.

Stars and Stripes' 1971 story about the Marines' departure from Vietnam.

Souvenir collector at the Berlin Wall, 1989

Bill Walker ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, November, 1989: After casually pulling a hammer and chisel out of his coat, a visitor to the Berlin Wall chips away at the hated barrier a few days after its opening. He managed to walk away with several pieces.

Taking in the Paris scenery, 1958

Gene Bane ©Stars and Stripes
Paris, June, 1958: A visitor to the roof of the Arc de Triomphe gazes out at another Paris landmark.

Marlon Brando in Tokyo, 1957

©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, January, 1957: Actor Marlon Brando gestures as he talks with reporters. Brando had recently arrived in Japan for about nine weeks of filming on his next movie, "Sayonara," in which he was to play an Air Force officer.

Stars and Stripes' 1957 story about Marlon Brando in Tokyo.