Troops on Black Virgin Mountain in Vietnam, 1969

Joe Kamalick ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, October, 1969:
Soldiers at a radio relay station atop 3,200-foot Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain) gather after the arrival by helicopter of mail from home, fresh laundry, cases of soft drinks, copies of Stars and Stripes, and other supplies. The facility near Tay Ninh was a frequent target of Viet Cong attacks; the troops' commander said he believed that some 1,500 enemy troops were lurking in the caves and crevasses below. The average tour on the fog-dampened mountain was four months, but one soldier said it "beats walking in the rice paddies below."

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Food for Gulliver, 1997

©Stars and Stripes
Japan, September, 1997: At Gulliver's Kingdom, near Mt. Fuji, workers position large plastic vegetables near the park's 150-foot namesake.

Globetrotting cyclist, 1968

Andrew Headland Jr. ©Stars and Stripes
Taipei, Taiwan, September, 1968: Conrad Dube, who was stricken by polio at age two and wasn't able to walk until he was 12, continues his globetrotting by bicycle with a stop in China, the 67th country through which he's pedaled in an effort to prove that his will is stronger than his handicap. As of September, 1968, the 39-year-old Canadian had traveled 192,000 miles, wearing out 12 bicycles in his 17-year journey.

Stars and Stripes' 1968 story about Conrad Dube.

Olympic decathletes Johnson and Yang at Rome, 1960

Gene Bane ©Stars and Stripes
Rome, August, 1960: Rafer Johnson of the U.S. and C.K. Yang of Taiwan pose for photographers during a workout just before the Olympic Games. A few days later, the friends and UCLA teammates locked up in one of the most exciting decathlons in Olympic history, with Yang winning most of the events but Johnson using his advantage in the weight events and a personal best in the 1,500 to edge Yang for the gold medal.

245th Tank Battalion in Korea, 1953

Frank Praytor ©Stars and Stripes
Korea, April, 1953: Pvt. Oliver F. Wise of Ironton, Ohio, a member of the 245th Tank Battalion, scans enemy terrain with binoculars before his tank opens fire on North Korean bunkers opposite Sandbag Castle. The enemy's counterfire with mortars prompted the tanker to perform his observing duties from inside the tank shortly after the huge 90-mm. gun opened fire on the Red positions. "Their mortars just bounce off," said Wise, "but they give us a jar. I wouldn't care to stay outside when they start coming in on us."

Anti-Salman Rushdie rally in Tokyo, 1989

Rob Jagodzinski ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, March, 1989: Angry Muslims march in Tokyo to denounce author Salman Rushdie and his novel, "The Satanic Verses." The previous month, Rushdie had been condemned to death by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini for publishing the book, which the Iranian leader considered "blasphemous and evil." Rushdie was forced into hiding for years as a result.

Prisoner and South Vietnamese captor, 1962

Al Chang © Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, October, 1962: A South Vietnamese soldier grins as he prods a prisoner toward a helicopter.

Johnny Cash in Frankfurt, 1977

James Arwine ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, West Germany, November 4, 1977: Country music legend Johnny Cash, onstage at Frankfurt's Festhalle. Cash — who served in the U.S. Air Force in Europe in the early 1950s — was battling a sore throat, but still played for two hours for an audience that contained many U.S. servicemembers.

Stars and Stripes' 1977 interview with Johnny Cash.

Religious service in Lebanon, 1958

Merle Hunter ©Stars and Stripes
Lebanon, August, 1958: Chaplain (Capt.) James Coleman distributes communion during a Protestant religious service for soldiers from the 24th Infantry Division's 187th Infantry at the Company C area near Beirut. The troops were taking part in Operation Blue Bat, an intervention aimed at protecting the beleaguered Lebanese government.

Vice President Johnson in West Berlin, 1961

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
West Berlin, August, 1961: Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson waves from his limousine after arriving in West Berlin in the wake of the construction of the Berlin Wall. Johnson was accompanied by Gen. Lucius Clay, President Kennedy's special advisor; the next day, they greeted a column of nearly 500 vehicles and trailers from the 1st Battle Group, 18th Infantry, sent in from West Germany to shore up West Berlin's defense.