Communications, 1967

John Olson ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, November, 1967: Communications equipment at a command post northwest of Cu Chi, in South Vietnam's "Iron Triangle."

Airlift crash, 1948

©Stars and Stripes
Wiesbaden, Germany, July, 1948: Minus an propeller and trailing hay from its damaged fuselage, a C47 transport sits in a field after an accident on its way back from delivering food to Berlin. The pilots escaped with minor injuries after the plane grazed some trees and crashed as it approached the Wiesbaden airfield in bad weather. It was the first crash in the Berlin airlift, but by no means the last; by the time the effort to overcome the Soviet blockade of the city's Western section ended in September, 1949, 31 American and 39 British participants had been killed. However, the airlift's 278,228 flights succeeded in bringing 2,326,406 short tons of cargo into Berlin.

A story about the 1948 Berlin airlift crash.

F-102s over Spain, 1961

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
Torrejon, Spain, December, 1961: Two Air Force F-102s from USAFE's 65th Air Division soar through the skies over Spain during a training exercise.

Stars and Stripes' February, 1961 feature story about the training.

The Boss, 1992

Michael Abrams ©Stars and Stripes
Frankfurt, Germany, June, 1992: Bruce Springsteen salutes his audience at the Frankfurt Festhalle. "The Boss" entertained the capacity crowd of 12,000 for nearly three hours.

Stars and Stripes' 1992 review of Bruce Springsteen's Frankfurt show.

LBJ in Seoul, 1966

Stars and Stripes
Seoul, South Korea, October, 1966: President Lyndon B. Johnson gives instructions during a welcoming ceremony at Seoul's City Hall Plaza, where a crowd estimated at 250,000 people turned out to hear him speak.

Stars and Stripes' 1966 story about LBJ in Seoul.

Gulf War preparations, 1990

L. Emmett Lewis Jr. ©Stars and Stripes
Rhein-Main AB, Germany, November, 1990: Senior Master Sgt. James Harper, satellite chief of supply, and Tech. Sgt. Wilford Raiford, superintendent of the forward supply location, do a spot check of a war readiness kit pallet, examining a 300-lb. main gear tire for a C-141. The equipment was bound for Saudi Arabia by way of the port of Bremerhaven, in preparation for what turned out to be the first Gulf War.

A 1990 Stars and Stripes story about the Gulf War preparations.

Panmunjom stalemate, 1968

Wilson Burge ©Stars and Stripes
Korean DMZ, February, 1968: North Korean Secretary Col. Han Ju Kyong, left, accuses the United Nations Command of breaching the Communist half of the Demilitarized Zone and of illegally introducing forbidden weapons into the zone. UNC Secretary Col. John P. Lucas, center right, inferred that the Red charges were false, but promised to investigate. He countercharged the Communists with recently sending into the Republic of Korea a 31-man assassination team whose intent was to storm the presidential mansion in Seoul and kill President Chung Hee Park. Looming over the entire meeting, but barely mentioned, was the fate of USS Pueblo, which had been seized by the North Koreans two weeks earlier.

Stars and Stripes' 1968 story about the meeting.