USS Saratoga's flight deck, 1965

Gus Schuettler ©Stars and Stripes
Mediterranean Sea, April, 1965: A member of the flight deck crew on the USS Saratoga scurries to safety after disconnecting the arresting cable from a jet fighter that's just landed on the carrier during maneuvers south of Naples. On August 21, 2014, the Saratoga left Newport, R.I. on its final journey, bound for the scrapyard in Texas.

Gen. McAuliffe in Germany, 1950

Gerald Waller ©Stars and Stripes
West Germany, July, 1950: Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe, head of the Army Chemical Command, poses for a photo as he visits EUCOM headquarters soon after his arrival in Germany. McAuliffe was on his way to Bastogne, Belgium, where he was to be made an honorary citizen for his actions as commander of the 101st Airborne Division during the World War II Battle of the Bulge. McAuliffe's terse reply to a German surrender demand at Bastogne — "Nuts!" — holds a special place in American military history.

Rally in South Korea, 1964

K.P. Hong ©Stars and Stripes
Seoul, South Korea, March, 1964: An elderly woman applauds as Sok Hon Ham, Korea's influential Quaker philosopher, speaks at a rally against the government's normalization policy toward Japan. The crowd of 40,000 at Seoul High School also heard from former President Po Sun Yun, leader of the opposition Civil Rule Party, who said South Korea "can do without Japan's money ... if we have a good government and make better use of American aid."

Stars and Stripes' story about the rally and related clash between students and police.

End of the line for Checkpoint Charlie, 1990

Dave Didio ©Stars and Stripes
Berlin, June, 1990: The hut at Checkpoint Charlie, for decades the key border crossing between the eastern and western portions of divided Berlin, is lifted away to a waiting flatbed truck.

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Rush hour in Tokyo, 1975

©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, 1975: Rush-hour passengers on Tokyo's transit system get a couple of helping hands from one of the famed "oshiya," or pushers, whose platform duties include seeing to it that as many people as possible are crammed into the car.

Fess Parker in Vietnam, 1970

Howard Lavick ©Stars and Stripes
Da Nang, South Vietnam, December, 1970: Actor Fess Parker, left — TV's "Davy Crockett" — and World Airways Vice President Gene Holleman unload Christmas turkeys for the troops. A few days later, the plane that brought the turkeys and Christmas trees destined for five areas of the war zone returned stateside carrying 183 servicemembers on holiday leave.

Stars and Stripes' 1970 story about the Christmas flights.

Nicolas Minue Challenge Cup, 1977

Jim Arwine ©Stars and Stripes
Illesheim, Germany, December, 1977: Soldiers struggle through the obstacle course at Storck Barracks during the Nicholas Minue Challenge Cup competition, named in honor of a World War II Medal of Honor recipient. The Bundeswehr's 262nd Parachute Battalion captured first place in the event, in which nine 25-man teams from German and American military units took part.

Dak Seang Special Forces base, 1970

John Beard ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, April, 1970: A Vietnamese casualty of fighting at the Dak Seang Special Forces camp is rushed to a helicopter. The camp had been under attack for almost three weeks, but Stars and Stripes' John Beard reported that "spirits run high" among the hundreds of Montagnard civilians, South Vietnamese soldiers and U.S. Special Forces troops. "The amount of incoming rockets, mortars and recoilless rifle fire is down from an earlier rate of 100 to 150 a day to around 25 per day, although the Red gunners seem much more selective of targets," said Beard, noting that "almost all above-ground installations have been destroyed."

Olympic athletes arrive in Tokyo, 1964

James R. Brown ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, October, 1964: Four of America's top hopes for medals in the track and field events pose after arriving in Tokyo for the start of the 1964 Olympic Games. From left to right, they are Bob Hayes, Ralph Boston, Henry Carr and Fred Hansen. Hayes went on to win gold medals in the 100 and the 4x100 relay, Carr won the 200 and ran on the winning 4x400 relay, Hansen captured the pole vault, and Boston placed second in the long jump.

Robin Williams with the troops, 2004

Ron Jensen ©Stars and Stripes
LSA Anaconda, Iraq, December, 2004: Comedian and actor Robin Williams poses with servicemembers after a USO show that also featured former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway. Williams joked about the C-130 Hercules flight from Baghdad: “I like when the crew puts on Kevlar and says, ‘It’s perfectly safe, Mr. Williams,’” he said.

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