Operation Restore Hope in Mogadishu, 1993

John Bohmer ©Stars and Stripes
Mogadishu, Somalia, January, 1993: An alert U.S. servicemember rides shotgun as his vehicle moves through the increasingly-dangerous streets of Mogadishu during Operation Restore Hope. A Stars and Stripes reporter said the situation there was "turning sour. The daily grind of serving in Somalia is made even worse by gunfire, unrelenting heat and sun, and thievery and rock throwing by youngsters living in a society robbed of its structure and rules." For example, "several Marines and soldiers have had their glasses, mostly wire-rimmed, taken right off their faces, presumably to be sold for the small amount of scrap wire they provide."

Stars and Stripes' January, 1993 story about the situation in Mogadishu.

Helmut Kohl with Beirut bombing survivor, 1983

Stephanie James ©Stars and Stripes
Wiesbaden, Germany, October, 1983: German Chancellor Helmut Kohl shakes hands with U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kevin D. Jiggetts, who was wounded in the Oct. 23 terrorist bombing of a barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, in which 241 American servicemembers (220 of them Marines) were killed. With Kohl on his visit to the U.S. Air Force hospital in Wiesbaden are Marine liaison officer 1st Lt. Charles Evans and, at right, the chancellor's interpreter.

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Transatlantic wedding, 1949

George Penn ©Stars and Stripes
Werheim, Germany, October, 1949: Lisel Moeckel gets married on a transatlantic phone call to U.S. Army Cpl. William R. Walton, who is on the other end of the line in Fort Worth, Tex. Witnessing the ceremony in the bride's home are, left to right, Lutheran Pastor Heinz Wagner; Capt W. R. Hett, 18th Infantry chaplain; and Julius Moeckel, the bride's brother.

Stars and Stripes' 1949 story about the transatlantic wedding.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur at Yokota, 1961

Sandy Colton ©Stars and Stripes
Yokota Air Base, Japan, July, 1961: Gen. Douglas A. MacArthur, left, is greeted by Brig. Gen. Charles Morhouse, the Fifth Air Force surgeon general, planeside at Yokota. MacArthur was on his way home from a 10-day visit to the Philippines, where millions turned out to welcome the World War II military leader. Seventy years ago this week, MacArthur and his staff waded ashore at Leyte Island in the early stages of the campaign to free the Philippines from Japanese control. "People of the Philippines," he said, "I have returned! By the grace of Almighty God, our forces stand again on Philippine soil."

Helicopter landing in Bosnia, 1998

Timothy Baker ©Stars and Stripes
Bosnia and Herzegovina, December, 1998: An Apache helicopter kicks up a cloud of freshly-fallen snow as it lands at Comanche Base, the home of 16 such aircraft from the Fort Bragg, N.C.-based XVIII Airborne Corps.

Bob Marley in Tokyo, 1979

Chet King ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, April, 1979: Reggae great Bob Marley performs at Tokyo's Kosei Nenkin Hall during one of eight shows in Japan on the Wailers' tour to promote their latest album, "Babylon by Bus."

James Webb does research in Tokyo, 1983

Ken George ©Stars and Stripes
Tokyo, June, 1983: Author James Webb, in the process of writing his third novel, looks through newspaper clippings during a visit to Tokyo. Webb, twice wounded while serving with the Marine Corps in Vietnam, later became Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration. In November, 2006 he was elected to the U.S. Senate, representing Virginia, and retired after one term.

Stars and Stripes' 1983 interview with James Webb.

USAREUR football publicity shot, 1956

Red Grandy ©Stars and Stripes
Augsburg, Germany, October 20, 1956: As the 511th Airborne Regiment Falcons prepared for the quarterfinals of the eight-team USAREUR football playoffs, their top rushing threat, Al "Yogi" Ybarra, posed for a publicity photo. The Falcons were among the surprises of the 1956 season, with five wins and a tie in their first six games in a league that featured talent from some of the nation's top collegiate programs. Service football in Europe in the the 1950s was intensely competitive, but it was fun for the fans, too; Lt. Milt Borman, the 511th's public information officer, was known for such stunts as having the game ball parachuted onto the field.

Plei Me Special Forces camp, 1965

Joe Schneider ©Stars and Stripes
Plei Me, South Vietnam, December, 1965: Servicemembers pass through the gate of the Plei Me Special Forces camp. Two months earlier, a handful of American troops and about 250 Montagnard tribesmen living nearby held off a Viet Cong attack on the camp until reinforcements arrived.

Stars and Stripes' December, 1965 story about the battle at Plei Me.

Photo op in Vietnam, 1969

Tom Benic ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, December, 1969: Two soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry pause to take a photo as the Wolfhounds patrol the marshy area around Patrol Base Kotrc, near the Cambodian border.